Amazing Websites for Downloading Music for Free

Everyone loves to hear music, but they might get a bit overwhelmed when it comes to spending money to buy it. Now there is good news that you can still get your favorite music free of charge by simply downloading it from legal, reliable, and safe websites like thepirateproxybay.

Here is a list of top websites for free downloading of music:

AudioMackThough, this site markets itself as a platform for sharing music, the majority of the users using this website often download mp3 music for free. It not only has a user-friendly interface but you could find the music easily which you would want to download. On AudioMack, record labels and artists can upload their work where most music lovers would be downloading it at no cost Mp3 Downloader.

All the miscellaneous files on this amazing website are grouped in various categories. You would find Trending Songs, New Songs, Top Songs, and New Albums, among many other subcategories. So, finding songs on the site will not be an arduous task.

However, it is essential to know that all the songs on AudioMack are free, and you can even stream all the songs for free as well.

  • SoundClick
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There are many artists who are offering their music free. And SoundClick is the best platform that connects you to these artists. This website enables you to download music from the website of an artist.

 While on the site, search simply the name of the artist and the song you want. The site even has a music stream feature that will permit you to play any music you want. You could even create a customized playlist of all your favorite songs on this site.

  • Internet Archive

As you can make out from the name, this site is a hub of several audio files you would like to download. Apart from free mp3 music, you could even download podcasts, radio programs, and audiobooks from this website. Internet Archive boasts of having over 2 million audio files.

Mostly you will get whatever song you want. It is also possible to filter different music on the basis of different factors like genre, the artist who sang, and publication year. This site allows users to download music in various file formats, the most popular being OGG and MP3.

  • CCTrax

This site offers a large number of songs that you can download free of charge. If you like Dub, Electronica, Techno, and Ambient music genres, you would definitely get your favorite song on this site.

Most of the songs on this site are offered through Creative Common Music. This clearly means that they are pretty safe for downloading and playing as well. The most appreciative thing about this site is you could listen to and even download songs without paying anything.

  • NoiseTrade
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This website houses a collection of albums from various prestigious artists. Many of them want listeners to see their songs, and if you like listening to them, you can easily download them from a reliable website like the pirate proxy bay. The best part is that this site offers an option to donate money to artists; otherwise, all the songs on this website are legal and 100% free. The only exception is that a few songs would need you to give your postal code and email address as well. Once you are done with this, you could access a song or an entire album. 

  • Amazon Music

Most of you must be aware of Amazon as an online platform where you all can buy and even sell your wares. But the good news is that you can get music on this website and that too without paying any money. It offers free music download section, where all users can access many mp3 downloads using a reputed site.

The free mp3 music offered by Amazon Music can be played anywhere and on any device, both Android and iOS. You will find all the popular albums there, whether you want to hear the latest songs of a new generation of classical music.

If you are looking for the best and most trustworthy site for downloading the latest music, choose the pirate proxy bayIn addition, If you want a site for watching Livestream videos, movies, and TV shows you can explore the sites like Queenslandmax and avple platforms. They already have millions of users, and you can easily download your favorite songs safely.