Can you really win cash playing the real cash games? Find this out here

Online gaming is really a fun and entertaining experience. It is custom made to suit the preferences of almost all age groups and with the horde of games that have come up over the years, it is truly a rich experience. Nowadays you can log into any platform and play a wide variety of games, be it cricket, rummy, football, poker, billiards and whatnot. With every match you win it boosts your confidence, your logical skills and reflexes and with every match, you do not win, you learn something new so the next time you can come back with stronger gameplay. While all these qualities make online gaming certainly a cherished experience, what if you can win real money? Nowadays an entire horde of gamers has evolved who have made online gaming their profession. This means they actually get paid for it. These players participate almost on a regular basis on a wide range of tournaments and championships, each a pioneer of their respective fields of play, and on successful accomplishment of any such level, they win exciting prizes. But even for a layman, these apps nowadays offer a wide variety of exciting offers and promotions, whereby you too can win money and profit from your passion for virtual gaming. 

These apps usually require you to pay a minimum signup bonus or referral after which the more you play and higher the leader board you climb, the bigger would be your rewards. Often they credit sums to your accounts. Some instead offer you lucky coupons and lottery wins where you can get exciting gifts like a TV, laptop or a gaming keyboard. So each of these platforms has its perks and you just need to put up your A-game if you are interested in availing all of these. If you are interested to know more about how you can win real cash by playing on realcashgames and other similar apps like GetMega, read on to find out. 

Real Cash Games

This app has a set of rules and guidelines, following which you can win money. The main thing to note here however is that it will not have hard cash delivered to your home address. However, if you win some tournament or championships on their platform for any game that is, they will credit money into your account as your prize. So the better you play, the richer you’ll get. Further, they offer you a sign-up bonus or welcome bonus whereby once you register onto the platform, for the first time, you’ll get a small but significant amount directly credited to your account. It can be 5 or 10 or even 20 rupees. They also offer you referral rewards which are basically how you make money off referring the game to others. These people have to be on your contact list. All you need to do is go to the referral tab and from there send the gaming link to friends or people you know on your contact list or friend list. Once they download the app and register themselves into the platform, you’ll get your referral reward. For every download and registration, you’ll get a reward. Which is a pretty good way to make some hard cash just by sitting at home. 


This app certainly offers you all the perks of gaming and winning. They have daily, weekly and monthly tournaments and championships. If you participate in these contests and finish successfully a  set of targets, you will be able to avail their exciting gifts and offers. They offer lucky draws as well. The gifts range from attractive models like TV, PC, laptop, gaming keyboard, etc. To hard cash is supposed to get directly credited to your bank account. They also offer a signup bonus amounting to Rs. 5 and for every referral you make, provided they download the app and play at least one match you will win the referral reward in cash. 

So now you know which gaming apps give you an opportunity to play and win real money. So without thinking much or any further ado, get onto it and have a gala time playing and winning.

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