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The Emma Roberts meme actually came out in  2011 and it was honestly one of the best meme templates to ever have existed. They have originated from a film called “Aquamarine” which is a movie about mermaids. The interesting part is that we might have got the memes in the year 2011 and the actual movie came out all the way in 2006, but the memes actually went trending from 2020. The scene is famous – Jojo whispers something in Emma Robert’s ears to which Emma’s reaction is so stunning that she opens her mouth with delight.

IMPACT AND SPREAD: Emma Roberts Meme

This meme’s concept revolved around the idea of gossiping and mimic that feeling. This meme was unique because no other memes with a concept like this existed and what was even more special is that it could be used in hundreds of ways. People would generally post the image with a variation of text which went like “I heard that..”, and then it would get thousands of shares and views.

In 2014, a famous celeb on instagram posted this image with “I heard he drives a jeep.” which got more than 2K likes. Same way, a redditor posted a meme on this template which got over 4600 upvotes and 170 plus comments In just a span of few months. Just a few months later, another redditor posted a meme on this which got more than 12,000 upvotes !

Emma Roberts Meme


  • I heard he uses one strap of his bag to carry it.
  • I heard he carries trash in his pocket until he finds a trash can.
  • I heard he can plug the USB right in the computer on the first try.
  • I head he wears his mask over his nose.
  • I heard he has never lost a pen in his childhood
  • I heard from a friend that he is actually emotionally stable.
  • I heard he can use Microsoft Excel without having to use the mouse at all.
  • I heard he drives a Mahindra Scorpio.
  • I heard he has actually bought spotify premium.
  • I heard he turns off his engine waiting at the red light.
  • I heard he can watch anime without the subs.
  • I heard hew showers with cold water in the winter.
  • I heard he turns off the fan and light every time he leaves the room.
  •  I heard he wakes up in the morning from his first alarm only.


Memes have been silently acting as the backbone of our mental health by providing us our own laughter zone and comfort. As we grow older, we tend to live life more seriously and forget to live freely.  A big thanks to the meme culture we get to see funny jokes, share them with our loved ones. This sharing in fact creates a cycle of sending and receiving which human beings tend to like and enjoy. People might not realize but memes play a significant role in our day to day life to make us feel more happier and relaxed. 

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