Whitebox cryptography – meaning, working, and uses

Cryptography is nothing but a process that increases the security level of data or an app by adding authentication, data confidentiality, non-repudiation, and other security requirements. This technique is used to help the data owners to protect their confidential data from hackers or online attackers. There are many online thieves that are increasing their malicious attacks over the data of others due to which the requirement and use of cryptography are also increasing. With the help of this technique, only the real owner will be able to access the data. As time is evolving, cryptographic techniques are also evolving to increase the strength of the security of data. Whitebox cryptography is the result of such evolution. Just like normal cryptography, Whitebox cryptography is also a security technique but it is claimed to be one of the highest security techniques because it does not rely on any hardware. Today, we will, through this article, help you to gain an understanding of this technique and how it works. 

What is Whitebox cryptography? 

If you belong to the IT field then you would know that behind the implementation of software, secret keys are used and it is of great importance to protecting those keys. Whitebox cryptography is a way, with the help of which, different crypto algorithms are used to create a security layer over such keys. There are two different methods, one is encryption and the second one is obfuscation, which is used to protect such keys. The Whitebox cryptography mainly focuses on bringing keys and codes together in such a way that it becomes very difficult or nearly impossible for a hacker to distinguish between these two. So that the environment in which these keys operate remains secure. You can not deny the fact that Whitebox cryptography is one of the most important methods to keep the security risks at a minimized level for different sources. Let us tell you that this technique is also being used in the consumer payment system as well so that payments are made in a secured environment and no consumer will have to lose its hard-earned money by keeping its payment data secured. These security keys are stored as data and codes.

Principle of cryptography: 

The cryptography techniques are based on a very strong principle named kerckhoff’s principle. It is based on the major need of cryptosystem that this system has to be 100% safe and secure in different possible circumstances. 

Working of Whitebox cryptography: 

Different types of mathematical techniques are brought into use that secure the operation of the cryptosystem by blending the keys and codes. It works in such a way that no hacker is able to find the required keys and codes to break the security of the system. Let us also add to your knowledge that each cryptographic operations work in unique ways. Most of the time, even creators and unaware of such implementation. These unique implementations can be in the form of unique runtime, protection analysis, modifications, etc. The major reason behind the popularity of Whitebox cryptography is that it is designed to keep in the assumption that a hacker can have access to all three aspects such as binary execution, execution memory, and the call intercepts of CPU. 

How do Whitebox cryptography and obfuscation differentiate from each other? 

Before we tell you the difference between these both, you need to have it in your knowledge that the focus of both these techniques is to secure the security implementation. Therefore, Whitebox cryptography is linked with obfuscation to some extent. Many people are of the view that these two terms and synonyms but this is not true. Because Whitebox implements obfuscation methods in its operations. Obfuscation is a process that makes it quite difficult to analyze a code. 

Whereas, on the other hand, in Whitebox cryptography, different data transformation methods are brought into use to increase the protection while implementing cryptographic algorithm software. All this results in safe and concealed cryptographic keys. 

Implementation of Whitebox cryptography: 

In many open devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets different apps are executed to protect which Whitebox cryptography is used. As already stated above, it is one of the highest cryptography security systems because it reduces the need of the user to depend upon different secured hardware elements. Whitebox cryptography works to protect different software applications that handle sensitive and private data that hackers aim to steal. There are various sectors for which Whitebox cryptography plays a crucial role in their security. Some of them are explained below: 

Contactless NFC payments: 

There are various apps that consumers are using to make online and digital payments. The apps that are used for online payments will undoubtedly save our payment details which can later be stolen by hackers. If these details get stolen then consumers can even become bankrupt as the hackers will empty their bank accounts. To prevent anything like this from happening, the Whitebox cryptography techniques are used. Even in the case of investment platforms such as Demat accounts, this technique is being used. 

Medical applications: 

Another type of application in which this technique is being used is medical applications. Medical fields collect different data to create medicines and doses to cure harmful diseases. To protect this data from opponents, such data is kept secured and safe by using this technique. Furthermore, if this data gets into the wrong hands then such data can also be used to spread serious and harmful diseases. This is the reason why this technique plays a major role in protecting medical apps.

Apart from the above apps, it is also, nowadays, being used in protecting OTT platforms, because many serials, movies, and series are updated on such platforms. If those serials, movies, or series get leaked can cause a loss of million rupees to the producers. This is the reason why these techniques are also crucial for OTT platforms. 

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