3 Most Common Types Of Litigation Practice Areas

Some areas of the law are more common than others. Depending on the direction you need to take in your legal career, the fact remains that some areas of the law will keep you in business for a long time. Aside from choosing a challenging job and managing your finances, you may need help finding clients.

Nix Law is an excellent place to start. This law firm represents plaintiffs in a wide array of cases, but the most common ones are described below:

Complex Civil Litigation, as the name suggests, refers to complex cases involving vast amounts of money and lengthy court battles involving multiple parties. This kind of lawsuit is heard and determined by a single judge from start to finish. The process of civil litigation involves six processes that include the following:

Investigation – this is the initial stage of a complex civil litigation process. Research is conducted to ensure a seamless trial experience toward the end of the case. Investigations involve thorough scrutiny of case facts alongside careful reviews and documentation.

Pleadings – at this stage, the issues to be addressed in the case are outlined. Consequently, the parties involved prepare a pleading outlining their claims/defenses to the defendants. The plaintiff first files pleadings in what is referred to as a complaint.

Discovery- it’s the longest stage of the case and involves the exchange of information crucial to the issue at hand. Discovery is made through depositions and interrogatories. The affidavits and interrogatories relate to queries modeled under the penalties of perjury.

Pretrial proceedings – this stage is marked by motions and conferences between the parties involved. As a rule, the court conducts this proceeding to prevent useless pretrial activities.

Trial– sometimes, the parties involved may decide to settle their differences outside courtrooms, but once the case moves to trial, the judge determines what should and shouldn’t be heard in court.

Appeal – this occurs if either of the parties is not content with the judgment.

Sensitive Client Representation

Sensitive client information is divided into the following categories:

Whistleblower And False Claims Act Litigation

This act allows the common citizenry to report companies and individuals who commit fraud in government operations for financial gain. To encourage whistleblowers, the government usually awards them a percentage of the funds. If you believe a false claim has been made against you, you may want to contact Nix Law for legal advice.

Crisis Management

Clients seeking legal advice on matters like public relations crises deserve a customized approach to meet the demands of any situation.

Government And Sovereign Representation

This representation represents government entities in claims seeking to recover monetary damages.

Corporate And Reverse Contingency Representation

This representation seeks to assist corporations in identifying and pursuing opportunities to recover money that they are legally entitled to if another company overcharges or breaches a contract.

Injury Litigation 

refers to taking legal action in court to seek monetary damages for losses.

Some of the most common injuries are

  1. Accidents involving pedestrians
  2. Injuries caused by using defective products
  3. Claims of malpractice
  4. Toxic substances exposure
  5. Car accidents as a result of negligence
  6. Damages resulting from premises liability claims
  7. Fires and explosions

Consult A Reputable Law Firm For Your Legal Needs

In light of the common types of litigation practice areas mentioned above, the rulings are often determined in court. This is because the cases often result in enormous costs and expenses for victims or the petitioner. For this reason, it would be prudent to consult professional lawyers in a reputable law firm such as Nix Law for any of your legal needs.