4 things to remember while practising with question papers of the previous years 

SBI probationary officers are entry-level employees appointed to manage the entire banking management. Although they might be at a junior level, a manager position can be obtained after a few years and lots of hard work. The probationary officers participate in loan sanction meetings, hire new employees and assist the SBI branch manager. In the absence of the manager, the probationary officer must take matters into hand. To attain this position, you must give the PO exam. You can practise for the exam with the help of SBI PO previous year question papers. After all, practise will make you perfect and ready for the exams. But there are a few things to remember while practising with question papers of the previous years. 

  1. Set a timer: Setting a timer is essential while giving any exam. Practising the question papers of previous years will help you understand the time you took to complete the exam. At first, solving one paper can be challenging. It then gets easier as you solve and write more. As a result, it helps you practise before the exams begin. You can also divide your time for each question to complete your paper more easily. Make sure you take at least 30 seconds to solve the easier ones and one or one and a half minutes for the challenging questions. Keep this in mind and practise, ensuring you prepare for the prelims and main examinations online answers
  1. Avoid dwelling on a single question: While practising for a mock test, you must learn to avoid dwelling on a single question. After all, a time comes into the picture as well. And practising it at home will help you for your future prelims and main examinations. If you cannot crack a question, you must move on to the next one. You can practice with previous years’ question papers by attempting the easy and challenging ones later. Attempting them later will help you give yourself more time to remember the concepts and solve all the questions. 
  1. Calculate your scores: Like any real exam, you must attempt the SBI PO previous year question papers and calculate the scores. Although you must have attempted a single section, like quantitative reasoning, you can still calculate your scores. But make sure you attempt the entire question paper in a single attempt because it will help you understand how much you have scored for all sections of the exam. You can also attempt more papers from previous years and compare the scores. After all, comparing your score will help you understand your mistakes, allowing you to avoid repeating those errors during the exams. You can focus on those mistakes and practise them daily. But ensure that you refrain from practising the concepts you already know. Moreover, comparing and calculating scores will allow you to know where you stand and your level of preparation. 
  1. Avoid making guesses: Whether it is an actual or a practise exam, you must avoid guessing. Well, what you practise, you learn and attempt. That’s not all; the SBI PO exams have a negative marking of 0.25 marks for every inaccurate answer. Hence, it is essential to read through the questions thoroughly and carefully. In case you are unaware of it, you can skip the question. That’s because your marks won’t be deducted for unattempted questions. If you try solving the previous year’s question papers, you can calculate your scores with negative markings or unattempted questions.

You can keep in mind the points mentioned above before practising. Since the previous year’s questions papers will allow you to feel like you are giving the real one, you must undoubtedly continue practising with it.