5 Essential Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Safety Gloves

Certain work environments can put the employees at high risk. It can mostly lead to injuries in the hands and arms in a blink of an eye. An employer must be responsible enough to equip their employees with safety equipment at work. 

Several safety gloves differ in their features to suit different jobs. There are rigger gloves, leather gloves, mechanic gloves, nitrile gloves, heavy-duty gloves, and much more. Employers can choose safety gloves according to their industry and provide them to their employees. 

Moreover, they should also train them to use it correctly. It is a legal mandate that all the employees who are vulnerable to injuries at a workplace must have the necessary safety gear. 

Safety gloves not only protect employees from injury but also make the employees feel secure. It can enable them to work efficiently at the workplace. Thus, safety and productivity are dependent on safety gloves. 

To procure the right pair of gloves, you should consider the following factors. 

Proper fit 

Safety gloves are not safe until you choose the right fit. Only proper fitting gloves can provide the right protection and comfort to the user. Checking whether the gloves are too bulky or too fragile is essential. However, it depends on the work you do. For instance, engineering workers may need mechanic gloves, and heavy lighting workers may need cotton mesh gloves.

Typically, a thick one can restrict movement, and a fragile one can be of no use. When gloves give a proper fit, a user does not need to remove them when he has to do some other tasks. Further, one has to be aware that sizes change under different categories. It is always better to check the size guide and confirm the correct size.

Know the workplace needs 

It is essential to acknowledge what the workplace demands. Every safety glove cannot protect from all hazardous situations as no workplace is the same. 

You should evaluate your workplace and the required tasks before deciding on a particular glove. If you could not assess effectively, please get in touch with an expert and understand what kind of protection your employees need.

Explore and review the options 

Safety gloves are of different types in the market to suit all needs. However, beware of the quality and don’t fall for a low price. Take time and explore different options before you make the final decision. 

Do not ignore reading the label of the gloves to find most of the information. You can also ask the supplier to provide you with the samples first so that your employees can try them, and if they are satisfied, you can purchase them in bulk. 

Never compromise 

Evaluate the needs and set the standards first. Pick those gloves that match your criteria. Do not compromise if a pair of gloves meet some and not the few other standards. Each aspect is essential when it comes to safety. 

So please do not compromise with what the job wants. Check the rating system and choose to buy the highest rating under the particular category. Do not worry if it is a little expensive as it can save your talented employees. 


Ensure that the material of the gloves is safe enough for the job. For instance, if the job needs chemical-resistant gloves, ensure that the gloves’ material can withstand harsh chemicals. Every material is not the same, and it cannot withstand all the conditions. So, you must check whether the gloves’ fabric suits the industrial jobs. 

These are the factors one must consider before deciding to purchase safety gloves if you value the safety and security of your employees.