5 Tips for Managing a Gated Community

There are over 1 million burglaries per year in the United States. Burglary is a home invasion crime that often turns violent if something goes wrong. A gated community insulates residents from these types of crimes.

Running a gated community is a big responsibility. As a community manager, you need to implement a safe and effective strategy for residents. You need all the informative tips you can get.

We got you covered with this handy guide if you need a trusted source of information. Whether you run a condo association, home association, or other gated community, these five tips will help you. Read on to learn more.

1. Focus On Your Perimeter

The perimeter of your gated community is its first line of defense. Make sure to get a stylish and sturdy gate as your perimeter’s centerpiece. Also, make sure to keep it operational and repair it as needed. View here for more info.

Have a wall in addition to your gate. Make it tall and sturdy enough to dissuade unwanted visitors from attempting to scale it. Aesthetically pleasing walls made of wrought iron or bricks are best.

2. Have Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems such as motion detectors and cameras are essential. These pieces of equipment will allow you to pinpoint moments when intruders attempt to enter the premises. 

In addition, you can use surveillance systems to differentiate between residents and unwelcome guests. The more advanced your surveillance systems, the safer your gated community is.

3. Hire Security Personnel

A sturdy perimeter with surveillance systems will only get you so far. Your community is as good as defenseless without trained security personnel to man your gate. Never count on the response time of local law enforcement.

Your residents pay top-dollar to live in a secure community. Put their money to good use by hiring security personnel to enhance safety.

4. Consult With Gated Community Residents

Consult with residents, or a home association manager, if you are in charge of a gated community. They may have feedback about what sorts of security precautions they would like.

Gauge residents’ overall desire for security versus freedom. These are the two factors you balance when managing your gated community. The more security measures you have in place, the more restrictive your community will feel.

5. Codify Standards

In addition to providing security, you need to codify standards for your gated community. Put in writing the community’s stance towards visitors, quiet hours, and restrictions on property usage.

Codifying standards will ensure that all community members are on the same page about aspects of their living situation. Have all new residents sign this document before moving into your community.

Manage Your Community Wisely

Running a gated community is all about balancing security with quality of life. You want your residents to feel safe but not be overpowered by security measures. As a successful manager, you can find the right balance.

Use the five tips in this guide to make your gated community the best it can be. For other equitable articles in the same vein as this one, make sure to check out the rest of our website.