5 Ways To Make Your Backyard A Dog-Safe Paradise

Just saying the word “outside” is enough to hype up your dog. Your furry best friend loves running around in the backyard, and you love seeing him or her happy and safe.

Fence Consultants of West Michigan can help you create the perfect pet enclosure for your dog with our high-quality fencing options. Here are some more tips to help you turn your backyard into a dog-safe paradise.

Set Boundaries

The essential tool for keeping your dog safe while playing outside is a sturdy backyard fence that your dog can’t jump over or dig under. You can install a traditional barrier, such as a chain-link fence or privacy fence, or opt for a more decorative fence instead, all of which can be obtained at critterfence.com/dog-fence.

Most pet trainers don’t recommend invisible underground fences since they can make your dog fearful about ever leaving the property. And while they keep your dog inside your yard, they do nothing to keep predators out.

Along with a fence surrounding the perimeter of the yard, it’s a good idea to install smaller fences around areas you want to keep your dog away from. Depending on your specific needs, that might include a garden fence, pool fence, or dumpster enclosure.

Fence Consultants of West Michigan has a team of expert fencing contractors you can trust with all your fence installation needs as you dog-proof your yard.

Beat the Heat (and the Cold)

Plant large trees or use cloth coverings to create plenty of shady spots in the yard for your dog to lounge in during the heat of the summer to prevent heatstroke. In winter, make sure your dog has access to an insulated dog house or another warm refuge during Michigan’s cold winters.

Avoid Harmful Landscape Features

Many plants are toxic to dogs if ingested, and they can cause gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, or even death in severe cases. Certain hardscape materials (like asphalt or sharp gravel) can cut your dog’s feet or burn them when it’s hot out. Avoid potentially dangerous plants and materials at all costs – and if your backyard already has any of these, remove them ASAP.

Keep Gardening Tools Out of Reach

Don’t leave your weed wacker, lawn mower, pruning shears, or other sharp tools lying around in the backyard. Things like fertilizers and pest control products can also be dangerous for your dog. Safely store all your gardening supplies in a shed or garage.

If you don’t have an indoor space to store gardening supplies, you could design the perimeter of your pet fence to keep your dog away from the area of the yard where potentially dangerous tools are instead. The average cost for a new fence is much less than the cost of building a new shed or garage.

Don’t want to design and install a dog fence yourself? Fence Consultants of West Michigan is a local fence company that can handle all your pet fence needs for you.

Maintain Your Grass

Is paradise really a paradise if the grass is brown and withered? Of course not. But dogs doing their “business” in the yard every day can cause severe damage to your grass. To prevent this, water your grass thoroughly, mow high, and take other steps to keep your grass healthy.