6 Most Important Traits of Trusted Online Casinos and Sportsbooks

With hundreds of online casinos and sportsbooks out there, it can be hard for prospective players to choose truly reputable and trusted gambling operators among the many shady and dishonest websites out there. To help you find a site that you can trust and have a long and fruitful relationship with, we’ve identified some common traits that all reputable online gaming providers share. Before registering and sharing your money, info, and time with anyone, make sure that they meet all of these criteria and don’t settle for anything less.

1. Reputable Licenses and Regulations

All trusted online casinos and sportsbooks must have a gambling license with a reputable regulatory body. This both ensures a user’s safety and makes sure that the operator meets all the legal requirements to provide the services they advertise. Reputable online casinos regularly get their software tested and audited to guarantee gaming fairness, and must continuously comply with stringent license conditions to remain authorized. Furthermore, gaming authorities can serve as mediators between the players and online gambling operators, and resolve any disputes should they arise. Websites usually feature all their licensing information in the footer or in the company info section. Look for it and check the license number with the regulatory body if you have any doubts. Honest bookmakers want their players to feel safe and secure, and welcome your inquiries.

2. Multiple Secure Payment Options

Another important trait of reputable gambling operators is the broad range of secure deposit and withdrawal methods they offer their clients. Having a broad range of payment options not only adds a level of convenience but also ensures that all clients will be satisfied, with various regional payment options on hand. The goal is to offer a payment method that every client is familiar with and trusts, and make it as hassle-free as possible. Common payment methods include VISA and MasterCard credit and debit card processing, various digital wallets such as Skrill and Neteller, and other reliable and secure options. Payments to and from legitimate online casinos meet the same security standards as that of banking institutions and are as safe as any other online transaction. Look for the little lock icon in your browser’s address bar, which indicates a secure encrypted connection.

3. Reliable Customer Support

Any reputed gambling operator that’s worth playing with knows that their number one asset are their players, and they treat them with courtesy and respect and are always open to communicating and alleviating any concerns. You should always feel comfortable contacting your online casino and bookmaker, and they should in turn always be available to answer your questions and provide any clarifications regarding payments, account management, gameplay, promotions, or any other area of the service. Remember, it is you who puts your money at stake, so you are entitled to timely and adequate support to your legitimate queries. Don’t waste any time with operators who are unresponsive for days, or who make it difficult to contact them in the first place. Good bookies have teams of professional and knowledgeable support agents at the ready at all hours of the day. A legitimate operator wants to make you feel confident and at ease and doesn’t spare expense.

4. Clearly Stated Terms and Conditions

Transparency is one of the most important components of making players feel safe, and you should never deposit money unless the bookmaker is forthcoming with all the information and open with their wagering requirements, especially when it comes to bonuses and promotions. Many promotional offers have certain conditions, and these should be clearly stated to avoid any potential disputes. Certain rogue casinos and bookmakers make it very difficult to claim your earned bonuses. Ditch them and register with a reputable one. Dependable online casinos and bookmakers clearly outline their Terms and Conditions, and do not misrepresent or mislead their players. The T&C is where you’ll find the listed terms of use of the operator’s services, and conditions on important things such as withdrawals, winnings, and promotions. If the wording sounds confusing or susceptible to multiple interpretations, take it as a warning sign that the operator may not honor its commitment.

5. Customer Privacy Policies

As with the Terms and Conditions, an adequate Privacy Policy should also be prominently featured. Legitimate online casinos keep sensitive customer information secure and only use it for its intended, and clearly disclosed purpose. Pay special attention to where it states how your private information is used and shared. Reputable online casinos and sportsbooks do not share your information with any unauthorized third-parties, especially not for marketing or spam purposes.

6. Encouragement of Responsible Gambling

Finally, all the legitimate names in the industry uphold the mantra of responsible gambling, and implement protective measures to stop problem gambling and prevent minors from participating. Legitimate licensed online casinos and bookmakers are not only required by regulators to promote responsible gambling, but are also self-motivated to protect their customers. Identity and age verification is put in place to disallow underage gambling, and other mechanisms are put in place to help players control their gambling and avoid problematic behaviors. Learn more about responsible gambling and the resources available to players at www.BetSensation.net/responsible-gaming

Find Your Trusted Online Casino and Sportsbook

With so many legitimate options, there’s no reason to patronize disreputable operators, no matter how enticing their promotions or promises may be. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, there will probably be a problem down the road. When looking for the right online casino and sportsbook to establish a successful relationship with, ensure that they meet the above mentioned characteristics, but also go and above and beyond them to give you the best experience possible. BetSensation.net is one of the leading online gambling operators, offering a wide range of online casino games and thousands of global sporting events to bet on. BetSensation offers 24/7 customer support and a secure and dependable platform for all its players. We are committed to providing the highest level of player satisfaction and setting a high standard for the rest of the online casino and sportsbook industry. Register now to take advantage of BetSensation’s generous (and real!) promotionaloffers.