A Buyers’ Guide to the Types of Tubs and Tub Materials 

One thing is always included in ideas of a stunning bathroom: an eye-catching, pleasant bath. Whether remodelling or developing, you may discover yourself perusing online stores and examining bathtubs.

Integrated shelves, exquisite feet, and ergonomic moulding have all been made possible by technological advancements. With many choices, it could be challenging to determine what to search for and which trends are best for your bathroom and way of life.

This helpful shoppers’ guide will outline the lifestyle considerations you should make before choosing a tub, the finest tub elements, and a selection of the most recent standalone, semi-freestanding, and inset tubs now on the marketplace.

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding bathrooms are the best option for people who have more room to work with and want to add extra elegance to their homes. These tubs are designed for total relaxation and are often the focal point of a bathroom.

Try installing back-to-wall freestanding bathrooms against the rear wall if the available space is limited and you do not feel you could enjoy freestanding baths.

Spa Tubs

A spa bath is the only option if you want to design a bathroom where you can truly unwind. Several sizes and forms are available for these baths, comprising two-person, round, rectangular, or oval. 

This implies there’s a spa bath ideal for you, regardless of the design or dimensions of your bathroom.

Clawfoot Tubs

A classic bath for sale, which has recently made a resurgence, is the clawfoot tub. These tubs are comparable to freestanding tubs, but they attract individuals who want a conventional or vintage bathroom design.

These bathrooms make a bold impression and are renowned for bringing a sense of opulence to a house.

Shower Baths and Inset Baths

Bathrooms with small areas are ideal for shower bathing. A tub shower is perfect for standing when taking a shower since it has additional widths and extra grip in the base.

With these tubs, you can choose between a bath and a shower and get a combination of both. Built-in or inset tubs are ideal for virtually every bathroom remodelling scheme, from minimalist to family-friendly. 

Select a four-tile flange bath positioned directly against the wall with wall tiles protecting the edge of an island bath that sits away from the walls in a tiled hob.

Stone Tubs

The stone tub is a burgeoning trend throughout the bathroom sector. With their clean and straightforward appearance, these baths are ideal for a contemporary style.

They are not only beautiful and comfortable, but they are also sturdy and will last for an extended period. So a stone bath is something to think about if you’re constructing your permanent home or hoping to boost the worth of your current home.

Most Popular Tub Materials in Australia 

Today, baths are available in a variety of materials. Here is a list of the baths’ most widely used materials today:

  • Acrylic: Baths are typically made of acrylic and can be expensive. A material with excellent durability and improved heat retention is acrylic.
  • Steel: While there aren’t many possibilities for steel baths, some online stores offer excellent choices. Steel bathtubs are incredibly resilient and resistant to impact and scratch.
  • Solid Surface: The pinnacle of luxury baths made of the solid surface have a stone veneer, which makes them velvety smooth to the touch. Solid surface baths, which come in black, grey, and white, are the best option because they are resistant to germs and stains.

Final Words

With this comprehensive guide, you should have a proper idea of the various types of bathtubs available for sale in the market now. So, visit the best online tub store in Australia and order the one that fits your needs, budget, and bathroom.