Achoo! 10 Thoughtful Gifts to Give a Sick FriendAchoo! 10 Thoughtful Gifts to Give a Sick Friend

There’s no question about it, being sick sucks! Regardless of the reason – it could be allergies, a cold, the flu, Covid or maybe your friend just had surgery and they are in the rest and recovery phase. Whatever the situation all you know is that you want your loved one to get better – and soon! But these things take time, so why not make them as comfortable as possible while they (achoo!) pass the time.

  1. Shower Steamers. Aromatherapy is one of the tried and trusted methods for feeling better. The Body Restore Relief Shower Steamers will turn their bathroom into a luxurious spa (just what they need right now!) The Eucalyptus scent encourages relaxation and congestion relief, and will help them sleep.
  2. Get Balanced Patches. These patches are placed on the inside of the wrist (or any clean, dry venous area of the body) and can be worn up to 12 hours. They peel on and peel off. There are 3 to choose from in each package: Awake, Dream, and Rescue. Nothing like a little boost to help them feeling back to their normal self!
  3. Egift Card. They might know best what it is that will make them happy during this time. So, give them the opportunity to decide! An egift card can used at many stores online and in person. You can even send it directly to their text or email. They’ll be able to check the balance online, making it super safe and secure.
  4. Elephant Heating Pad. The Warmies French Lavender Scented Plush Elephant smells just as good as it looks. Fluffy and adorable, all your sick friend has to do is warm it up in the microwave and it will be warm and smell of nothing but calm and relaxation.
  5. Lavender & Orchic Bubble Bath & Body Wash. Made by SheaMoisture and available at Ulta, this Calming 2-in-1 Bath and Body Wash is great for sensitive and dry skin. Fizzes up splendidly with lots of bubbles, the scent will have your sick friend feeling peacefully recharged.
  6. Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask. Available in a variety of gorgeous gem colors, this pure silk sleep mask is one used by beauty experts. The sleep mask will absorb less face cream and still keep the skin clean, dry, and moisturized. There is very little friction between the face and the silk sleep mask, allowing for maximum hours of shut eye and minimal interference throughout the night with beauty products.
  7. Coupon from You. Does your friend need their lawn mown? Do they need groceries from the store? Perhaps they need errands run but aren’t able to do them because of their condition. Depending on their contagion situation of course, you can offer to help them with something that is urgent so they can focus on getting well.
  8. Weighted Blanket. A fairly recent innovation, the weighted blanket makes falling asleep easier for some people who suffer from insomnia. Weighted blankets have been proven to reduce anxiety and lower nervous system activity so that people who are feeling ill, suffer from chronic stress, autism, ADHD, and more feel like they are being given a huge, comforting hug.
  9. Thinking of You Gift Box. If you’re someone who says – feed a cold! This box is definitely for you. Filled to the brim with all types of snacks, your sick loved one will thank you more than once! Comes complete with salted peanuts, Chex Mix, Welches fruit snacks, pretzels, kettle corn, Veggie straws, Nutri Grain bars and much more. The box has “Thinking of You” printed on it so there will be no mistake as to your love and concern for them.
  10. Neck Massage Pillow. Truly a superior gift for any reason, your ill loved one will adore being able to receive a massage any time they want one. It might just take their minds off being sick! Using rotating nodes for a deep-kneading shiatsu massage, the heating function eases sore and aching muscles. This pillow can be used on the shoulder, abdomen, back, calf, virtually any body contour that needs a little bit of TLC.

Help speed your friend’s recovery by giving them a thoughtful gift in their time of need. Missing work, school and just plain being under the weather isn’t any fun for anyone. You’ll light up their sneezy days with a gift from the heart. Remember to check in on them and then plan a get together when they’ve recovered to catch up!