Bora Bora Travel Guide 2022

Thinking of traveling to Bora Bora in December holidays 2022? We’ve created the ultimate guide to help you plan your tropical, luxury escape. From the best places to stay, the most exciting tours to book, the unmissable views, and the must-do bars and restaurants – we’re sharing everything you need to know about traveling to Bora Bora in 2022. 

Bora Bora is a stunning slice of paradise located in the South Pacific. One of Tahiti’s (or French Polynesia’s) most popular islands, Bora Bora has become synonymous with luxury holidays. Featuring Instagram-worthy, crystal-clear lagoon waters, over-water bungalow accommodation, award-winning restaurants, and premium day spas, it’s no wonder Bora Bora has become a favorite spot for influencers, celebrities, honeymooners, and holidaymakers alike. 

But what is Bora Bora like in a post-pandemic world? How have they handled Covid, and when will they be reopening their borders to tourists in 2022? Keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about Bora Bora in 2022. 

Bora Bora in a Post-Pandemic World:

Traveling to Bora Bora in 2022 is going to be very different from what it was like before Covid. Here’s what you need to know. The good news is that Bora Bora is set to be open for business again in 2022. However, the island will be operating under new regulations that are more stringent than they were before Covid. 

In fact, the island’s tourism board has even gone as far as saying that they’re going to be introducing new laws to protect the health of both visitors and residents. Visitors will be required to have a valid passport, proof of vaccination, and a ticket to get into Bora Bora. While this sounds like a lot of work, the island is determined to make sure that visitors’ safety is paramount. 

Popular restaurants and bars will be required to take more strict hygiene measures and visitors will be expected to social distance. Restaurants and bars will also be required to adhere to new rules on what they can serve. For example, they will be prohibited from serving food and drinks that can be shared between more than two people. 

All visitors will also be required to wear masks and be provided with hand sanitizer at every entrance.

Best Places to Stay in Bora Bora in 2022

Bora Bora accommodation is one of the best in the world. From luxury villas to luxurious beachside bungalows, Bora Bora has something for everyone. Here are the best places to stay in Bora Bora in 2022.

Le Meridien Bora Bora

Bora Bora’s most luxurious hotel is set in a stunning location on the island’s west coast. There are two main areas to stay at Le Meridien Bora Bora: The Polynesian Village and the Palms. 

The Polynesian Village is where you’ll find all the hotel’s suites and villas. It’s a tropical paradise with a stunning garden, lagoon pool, and spa.  The Palms is a beautiful location with a lagoon pool, spa, and tennis court. Do you like to travelling ? then you must know about Action Camera Flashlight Which will help you to capture every beautiful moment of your journey forever.

Intercontinental Bora Bora

Intercontinental Bora Bora is set in a prime location on the island’s north coast. This property is the island’s largest resort, boasting over 1,500 rooms. There are four areas to stay at Intercontinental Bora Bora: the Mainland, the West, the East, and the Palms.  For more updates, visit:

Bora Bora Four Seasons Resort

The Four Seasons Resort is the island’s only resort with direct access to the island’s main beach. The Four Seasons is in the heart of the island and boasts over 1,000 rooms.  There are two main areas to stay at the Four Seasons Resort: The Courtyard and the Pool. 

Best Places to Eat in Bora Bora in 2022

The food in Bora Bora is delicious and diverse. From fine dining to casual dining, there’s something for everyone. Here are the best places to eat in Bora Bora in 2022.

The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons has one of the most beautiful dining rooms in the world. The resort’s restaurant is called Le Four Seasons and it serves some of the best food in the world. There are three main areas to eat at the Four Seasons: The Mainland, the Courtyard, and the Pool.

Mairie de Bora Bora

The Mairie de Bora Bora is a fine dining restaurant that is housed in a traditional French colonial building. The restaurant serves authentic French cuisine with a modern twist.


L’Escale is a luxury restaurant in the heart of the island’s main resort. It serves delicious, authentic Bora Bora cuisine made from fresh local produce.

Best Bora Bora Tours in 2022

Bora Bora is a dream destination for anyone who loves the great outdoors. There are so many things to do on this magical island paradise. Here are the best tours in Bora Bora in 2022.

Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching is one of the most popular activities in Bora Bora. Experience the majesty of the ocean’s most graceful creatures by taking this tour.


Bora Bora is famous for its underwater world. There are so many things to see under the waves. You can get a diving tour or rent a boat and explore the island’s colorful underwater kingdom for yourself.

Enjoy Your Bora Bora Holiday in 2022

There are a lot of great travel agencies offering a wide range of Bora Bora holiday packages 2022. When you’re ready to book yours, you’ll want to make sure that your package includes flights, accommodation, and transfers as a minimum. 

You’ll want to make sure that you are familiar with all the covid policies and requirements for your flights, accommodation, and transfers, as well as the refund policies in case borders, shut once more. Your travel agent should be able to help guide you will all these factors when assisting you to book your holiday package. But once you have booked, you will enjoy an unforgettable holiday on this Pacific Island.

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