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There are numerous ways of exerting fun and with the help of sarcasm, one could find joy in almost anything. With the recent trends of social media and sharing memes among themselves, people do have the mediums to share. The interest lies in the selection of topics, people use and one such interesting yet funny topic is “Die memes’ ‘. Let us understand the whole meme situation now.


There are literally hundreds of templates used for the Die memes, as the topic is quite wide and there can be various ways of extracting the fun out here. The top two most popular die memes are of ‘Guess I’ll Die’ & ‘am i dead yet?’. ‘Guess I’ll die’ meme was started by a stock image of an old man wearing a red sweater and the captions are written over it in a form of meme and then the bottom text says “Guess I’ll Die”. This was simply a relatable jokes used whenever people used to suffer little problems with their life.                     

The second most widely used meme template is of ‘Am i dead yet?’, where the conversation is between two comic characters in the style of web comic. The two characters are a boyfriend who has suffered a severe accident and is wounded heavily, but rests on a hospital bed. That’s when his girlfriend comes to pay a visit, boyfriend notices her standing beside him, says “Am i dead yet?”, to which her girlfriend says “No, not yet!”. The reply of boyfriend is “Then, why am i seeing an angel?”, to which his girlfriend shys and blushes but the boyfriend in the next frame sees a death angel behind her.


‘Guess I’llDie this time’, is quite popular due to the funny expression the old man gives as if he doesn’t even know what he would doin that situation. The memes started getting viral in the late 2016s and people created sarcastic situations between love couples, husband-wives, even parents and teachers. The relatability factor and ease of use of the template as it was a stock image, so anyone could come up with any funny situation to which they can connect is what makes this viral and reachable among the audience.

                        The second meme of ‘Am I dead yet?”, was a webcomic series created by bRazilian artist As Cronicas de Wesley. The meme series was quite a hit after it was translated into a more understandable English version, as the original was in Spanish. The memes went viral due to the fact of the funny expression used in the template. The templates although showed a bruised boyfriend, but they were never in any way, defining or degrading any victim of accident or hospital bed ridden patients. It was just funny scenario happened between a couple and people liked it more for the funny expression he gives at the last frame.


‘Guess I’ll Die”, was a huge hit with more than 207k likes for the stock image with added text for more brief memes, was what the template set by Tumblr user Cinnamon-swan. Although he published that meme way back in 2015, the memes never took the race till early 2016s, when the image was finally paired with the caption it was viral for. People started making memes, and within a few weeks, that post got viral with more than 29k shares among the communities.

                        ‘Am I Dead yet?’, was a meme which went viral in the late 2020s, as the Facebook page ‘Riko All Mine Sakurauchi’, posted this meme with credits to the artist who created it. Although the original comic was in Spanish, the fb meme page posted this in English and people started liking it due to the funny expression boyfriend gives. The post was loved by more than 22k people and within a few days, more than 1k memes started floating all around the social media, which sparked a meme sensation and people started making some of their own.

die meme


Although the matter of death and its association with the family affected is very tragic and it was not at all a fun icident to be making fun of. The memes here were never used to make mockery of someone’s problems or people never truly made fun of someone’s death in not only these two memes but any memes related to this topic. People loved the concept of sarcasm and the humour tone was retained everytime a new meme was made, hence no one was offended by this meme trend and people never tried to make the memes for  the sake of mockery or targeted audience.

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