Eight Things Men Should Get Tested Each Year

Studies from the National Library of Medicine suggest women are likelier to go for a checkup than men. One reason is that men don’t often talk about their health as often as women do. Consequently, it leads to them not taking their health seriously, and this negligence leads to fatal diseases and illnesses. By the time doctors catch a disease, it may already be too late.

It is important to get yourself checked regularly if you want to live a healthy life. Here are some tests all men should consider getting tested for to avoid complications both in the long and short run.


Skin Test

Another common habit amongst most men is that they don’t take good care of their skin. Those with intense sunburn as kids and a history of cancer in the family are likely to inherit skin problems from their families. Direct exposure to sunlight is one of the leading contributing factors to it. Doctors suggest that men get skin tests every year to avoid the risks of skin cancer, which can develop without their knowledge.

Cancer Test & Mesothelioma

Cancer is perhaps the deadliest disease that kills you slowly but surely. The rapid growth of cells in a specific part collectively forms a tumor. Cancer is tricky to identify as it does not hurt you or show any prominent symptoms, giving you more of a reason to get a test.

To avoid fatal cancers like testicular cancer, malignant mesothelioma, and many others, you as a man must take tests for cancer. Smokers risk developing cancer as they put their lungs at risk whenever they smoke. They form most of the people who develop lung cancer; that speaks for itself. Asbestos is another known carcinogen that causes mesothelioma.

Cancer tests include CT and HRCT scans, BAL, lung biopsy, and colon cancer screening. Testing for cancer through them can help you identify and cure an incurable disease much earlier.

Among the most common types of cancer is prostate cancer – the second most common after lung cancer! It’s so common it affects one in seven men in the United States. The Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test is a test that men must take, specifically those diagnosed with or who have successfully beaten cancer. Since it is the second most common form in men, it also requires quick remedial action. Getting the PSA test alongside a digital rectal exam (DRE) can help eliminate the disease well before it worsens. The older you get, the likelier you are to develop prostate cancer.

Blood test for sugar

There are multiple diseases related to the sugars present in the bloodstream. The most common ones include diabetes, erectile dysfunction, and heart disease. Early-stage diabetes is not as harmful as later-stage ones; that’s why getting yourself checked for it is a must. That’s because early detection can lead to early prevention and help men avoid serious diseases.



Another common form of cancer among both sexes is colon cancer. As you pass 50, your chances of developing colon cancer increase drastically. A diet low in fiber and high in fats is the prime reason behind colon cancer, most of which is noticeable in the west. Irrespective of whether you have a history of colon cancer, you should get a screening done by 50 to avoid any risk.


Blood pressure and cholesterol

Worldwide, men suffer from high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol. It’s the leading factor behind heart-related complications like heart attacks. The worrying part is that, despite being highly harmful, people do not treat high blood pressure as seriously as they should. Cardiovascular problems come into existence because of negligence and create grave issues. Consider getting blood pressure and cholesterol tests as soon as you leave your teenage years. Get one at least every four years for the rest of your life to avoid the idea of having a cardiovascular problem, let alone the problem itself.

The more, the merrier


Cardiovascular attacks, specifically heart attacks and strokes, are detectable through cholesterol testing and monitoring blood pressure; they are also curable. However, if this disease is hereditary, you have a higher chance of giving into either one. Your cholesterol level and blood pressure are already high compared to others, and you are at risk. You can keep both under control by taking an echocardiogram early without compromising on all your sources of joy in life.

Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) Test

The hormones the thyroid secretes that control metabolism benefits every cell in your body. Any modifications to the hormones it generates can affect a man’s life and lead to weight gain, sluggishness, weariness, or exhaustion.

All of these combined can have an adverse reaction on any man. Your doctor can examine your thyroid’s health by doing a blood test known as a thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) test. Another sad reality is that most men believe that some of the symptoms of thyroid-related problems are a part of their day-to-day lives. This misconception results in the condition worsening.

Liver Enzyme Test

Standard blood work includes liver enzyme testing, which checks for any liver damage that may result from various factors, including alcohol consumption. Moreover, according to statistical reports, men tend to consume more alcohol than women do on average. Your liver has enzymes that aid your food digestion and storage of food. As too much of anything can be harmful, men should get tested to avoid having them in excess to avoid antibiotics, over-the-counter medicines, obesity, etc.

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Men’s physical health is equally crucial and deserving of help. Their laxity, resulting from not conversing about it, has hurt millions. Talking about your health and seeing a doctor whenever needed can save you heaps of money and trouble in both the short and long run. Getting tested for the tests above can help you stay in the best possible shape and identify diseases and illnesses before they worsen.