Just Wish: A Project To Make This World A Better Place

Just Wish

Just Wish, a non-government organization (NGO), founded by Mr. Sushil Singh along with his wife Sarita Singh in 2018, has indeed become a knight in shining armour for several living souls around the world. 

The NGO plays a major role in helping several unprivileged people. They do help in making schools, planting trees, taking care of animals and supporting the religious and moral views with an eye for equality. 

In the last three years, they have indeed spent a lot of money to make sure that many lives can be saved. At the time of the first COVID-19 pandemic, Sushil Singh-led Just Wish helped several people in India by providing them with railway tickets to travel, food and sanitization products. The very move helped many people in saving lives. In August 2021, they helped people in a village in Bihar, India, with basic needs. At that time, the whole village was battling with floods.

There are several other tasks Just Wish does for making an impact and creating a better place for everyone. In 2020, due to the first COVID-19 wave, Just Wish, with the help of Deebaco (online fashion brands), provided masks to the Uttar Pradesh Police as they were leading the nation in keeping the virus low. 

To keep on working hard, Just Wish also accepts donations as it helps the NGO to work at an even better rate. Sushil lived his life in the Chawls of Mumbai, so he indeed knows what it takes to use every penny for making Planet Earth a better place for all. 

Take a look at the socials of Just Wish for knowing their latest projects. Also, one can visit www.justwish.co.in for knowing in detail about their latest projects. 

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