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kaji ryoji

Kaji Ryoji is a fictional animated character from the Japanese film franchise The Neon Genesis Evangelion. He role is of a special inspector in the film who his hired by the organization known as NERV. He is always called by his surname in the film series. His given name is Ryoji in the english manga, english version and the original version of the TV series which was not dubbed. But his name was Ryouji on the website and Ryojhi in the english translated version of the movie. He is an officer from the NERV and his age in the film is supposed to be 30.

His zodiac sign is a Gemini. Misato Katsuragi is his lover and also his former girlfriend. Asuka is his former guardian in the movie. He also has a younger brother who is deceased but his name is not known. He first made his appearance in “Asuka strikes Volume 1.” Ryoji was voiced by Aaron Krohn in the Japanese version and Greg Chun voiced him for the Netflix dub.


His sense of style is always good. He prefers to wear a pony tail all the time which suits him fairly. In his chin you will always find a stubble. He smokes a cigarette and hold it in his mouth with his hands in his pocket. Ryoji wears a full sleeved shirt which he rolls up below his elbows, it is light pale blue in color. He wears a medium length red tie with it. His hair color is black with a pony tail. His skin is fair. Below, he wears black pants with a belt. His shirt is tucked in and he prefers formal brown shoes for foot wear.


When he appears for the first time in the series we saw him wearing an official administrative uniform which belonged to the NERV, with olive colored jacket and pants with a red shirt. He usually has a cool personality and acts casual most of the time. Ryoji doesn’t like to clean shave, there are some stubbles on his face. He speaks fluent english. Ryoji has a good sense of humor and tends to maintain it even during an emergency or a crisis.

He is very laid back and remains very calm most of the time. Ryoji flirts with all other women in the NERV office without any shame or hesitation. Despite all these habits, he is actually very responsible and showcases a lot of wisdom. Kaji and Misato were lovers during college, and Misato is always angry at Kaji for flirting with other women. But they both actually broke up long before the series started. But they are not like ex boyfriends or girlfriends but they are slowly developing a romantic relationship. He actually acts like a father figure to Asuka.

kaji ryoji


  • Kaji is named from the Japanese word “rudder.”
  • Ryoji was actually the name of a hero in a different manga from a different author.
  • In the game : secret of evangelion, Ryoji Kaji was killed by his old friend.

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