Learning Strategy Training And Resources

Learning Strategy Training And Resources

To achieve results in learning, there are various tools and methods for this journey. E-learning is one of them, where we deliver content in digital form. This type of digital learning content requires certain qualities. There are many possible e-learning strategies for Indian teachers that can be followed. During the COVID-19 pandemic, e-learning initiatives in India explored new approaches. Next Exam Tak website is one of the most popular websites where you will get the latest educational updates, government job applications, etc. In this post, we will discuss some learning strategies in India.

What is a learning strategy?

Learning strategy is an individual way of organizing and using a particular set of skills to learn material or complete other tasks more effectively and efficiently in school as well as non-academic settings (Shoemaker & Deshler, 1992). Learning strategy instruction focuses on strategies that facilitate the active learning process by teaching students how to learn and how to use what they have learned to solve problems and succeed.

Tips to Use E-Learning Effectively

Educational providers have to explain the topic to the audience in an interesting manner. One of the most important things is that the content should be attractive. A variety of devices can be used when delivering content.

1. Content should be enriched with visuals and graphics

Visuals and graphics are useful in keeping the audience engaged. They are also useful for explaining knowledge and making the content interesting. By using visuals and graphics, you can take advantage of visual learning.

2. Use interactive communication channels like WhatsApp and e-mail

Communication plays an effective role in all e-learning processes. There should be a suitable communication environment where learners can ask any questions and discuss it with others. Nowadays WhatsApp is a popular communication tool.

3. Well-organized content is always useful and attractive

One thing you might have noticed is that without proper preparation the speech or classroom lecture is boring, and it cannot help the learners. Make sure that your content is well organized and ready before you distribute it.


Learning Skill Advisors teach students how to go through the learning techniques, rather than teaching them particular curriculum content or specifically to help students develop or redefine the individual learning tips he/she needs.