Mike Twist: Bio, Age, Life, Career, Harry Styles Brother

mike twist

Mike Twist Bio

Mike Twist is a famous name who has done a major job to make an impact in the very best way by being the brother of world-famous singer Harry Styles, who is the 21st century’s biggest talked about singer for various different reasons. Mike is their stepbrother of Harry but does have all the love for being true brothers. He was born on 10 October 1985 in Redditch, United Kingdom, with Libra as the Sun sign of Mike. He is an English nationalist, following the Christian religion. Hence, he does feel special with having that spiritual touch. This is what tells major things about his personality.  

mike twist

Mike Twist age

Mike Twist is 37 years old as of now, Born on 10 October 1985 in Redditch he is a UK citizen. He was raised by her family in Redditch

Mike Twist Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

Mike Twist Height of 6 feet and 1 inch. He is not a huge gym freak but does keep his weight light – 76 kg. Mike has dark brown eyes and hair. His shoe size of Mike is 9 (US). Talking about his fashion sense, Mike does like to wear shirts and pants mostly, and he does look very handsome like his brother. Mike does like to drink but he is not a smoker at all. He did try it sometimes but did not make it a habit, which is a good sign.

Mike Twist Parents: Father, Step Mother, and More

Mike Twist is known for being the stepbrother of one and only Harry Styles. Harry and Mike have the same mother – Mike Twist – but the mother. The Father of Mike is Robin Twist and his stepfather is Desmond Styles. This is the reason they do have different surnames. Hence, many do feel how Styles and Twist can be real brothers.  Mike did get his basic studies from Redditch, which is a small town in Town in England. Anne Cox is his stepmother. Despite Robin being the father of Mike, he has a better relationship with his stepfather named Desmond Styles. Gemma Styles is the real sister of Harry and step-sister of Mike but they do have a bad relationship at all.

It is a family that has all ups and downs till Harry did not become part of One Direction as after that, every member of the family did have money to spend. Even Mike has things going on very well, thanks to Harry, who is a pure soul in many eyes.

mike twist family

A Brother Who Cares – Mike Twist

Mike Twist and Harry Styles do have a great bond. Both lived in the same place for years where they had to fight for getting basic things and other demands they have. As they did see ups and downs while growing up, one thing is for sure they have that feeling of being brothers which is indeed great as Harry has helped Mike a lot to become rich. But on the other hand, Mike has played a big role to make Harry the one who does respect all genders. Hence, “it is a special bond that is filled with love,” said Harry Styles.

Death Of His Father

Mike Twist did see his father leaving this world in June 2017. He was 57 years old back then. He was long fighting cancer. Despite Harry and Mike putting all the work to make things better for Robin Twist, who did fight every day as if things would be better but the God had some different plans. It was a very hard moment for Mike, where his stepfather Desmond Styles and brother Harry and sister Gemma Styles did play a major role to help him out. Also, he has a great relationship with Desmond. Hence, he has a great stepfather with him.

His brother, Harry Styles

Harry Styles is the brother of Mike Twist, a great person. Harry did get fame from One Direction. But the band did part ways in 2015. They did for so long, where Harry was one of the most famous members of the band. His partners were Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. As all of them very millions of lovers around the world, this does show that along with BTS and Spice Girls, it has been one of the most known groups.

However, Harry Styles became super great from a legend after parting ways with his band. He did start to make his own albums and singles. The very fact did see him becoming the most famous among every other member of One Direction. This does tell a lot about Harry. But this is not the reason every gender likes him. He is not gay, which many people do think, however, people do still say bad things about him. In his eyes, everything is great.

He does carry bags like women and wears great dresses. One can see his interview with James Cordon for Gucci, where he looked a cut above the rest and talked about great things. For him, carrying nail paint is an art, which shows how great and ahead of time he is. Many do frame him to the level of Muhammad Ali in terms of skills and social work. It does talk a lot as Muhammad Ali is a modern time great who has changed history for Black people around the world and more. For LGBTQ people, Harry is a knight in shining armour.

Moment With His Brother Harry

Mike has many great moments with brother Harry. Both were huge football fans and they used to save cents to watch one more football game, which shows the level of great things they gave.

Harry told: “Mike has been a great partner in crime in my life. I remember when I and our sister used to make mistakes, it was Mike who used to be the brother in the family and save us all. What more can I say about him? He is my brother and I am proud of him.”

It does show how much Harry and Mike love each other.

Interview Of Famous Brother

Harry Styles has done a number of interviews. However, his best has been with James Corden, who is a famous “Late Night Talk Show” host. He did come in a dress and Gucci bag in his show and the exclusive interview that did for mega fashion brand Gucci. It was just an interview where he shut many haters with his actions, where cloths and accessories do not have any gender and one should not do the mistake of laughing at one when a boy or man likes to wear dresses. Women do wear traditional men-like cloths, so why it can’t be another way around?   

His interview with Sir Ian Murray McKelle, better known as Sir Ian McKellen, on the Graham Norton show was huge, where he came up with his band. Both said I love you. The very factor did create some sweet memories for the fans of both.   

Mike Twist: Professional Career

Mike Twist has not told but he does as a professional. But this is what tells a lot about Mike. He does handle a lot of work for Harry, which is a full-time job. So he is kind of a manager of Harry, which is not at all an easy job. It has made him earn millions, so it is all a win-win situation.

Net Worth

As of 2023, the net worth of Mike Twist is USD 5 million. Much finances behind this go to Harry, who has too much money to help family members and all. He has luxury cars and houses and money at the bank, which is indeed not bad.

Hobbies, Stats   

  • Mike Twist likes to hang out with friends, swim and listen to music.
  • Mike does enjoy eating India and English meals the most.
  • His favourite singers are brother Harry and ACDC band.
  • Mike is a huge football/soccer fan.
  • He does have a huge relationship with his brother and sister.
  • Mike does like to watch web series and movies a lot. He is a huge Bollywood fan too.
  • Mike does enjoy travelling just too much.   

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