Series B Led Wintermute To Raise 20 Million

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Wintermute has taken yet another step for keep on growing with the funding of USD 20 million. It has made the aim of making the start-up follow bigger and better things. It was Series B funding that did land them huge money. This is what the art of Wintermute, making an impact at a deep level. Lightspeed Venture Partners did lead this funding round. Pantera Capital did also made an appearance in the funding round. But they did not see investing in Wintermute this time around. Lightspeed is led by Jeremy Liew. The famous investor is now joining Board of Directors of Wintermute.

There some of the names that did also take a part in the investing battles – the likes of Sino Global Capital, Kenetic Capital, Rockaway Blockchain Fund, Hack VC, DeFi Alliance, and Avon Ventures. Ventures, who did invest in the company previously, did also take part in the funding round. Many do see that Wintermute 20m series backed by Lightspeed Venture partners them to shine allisoncoindesk in the very best way.

This is indeed what tells a lot about the capacity of the company to move forward. Jeremy Liew is happy with the investment and feels: “Wintermute has grown almost 25x since Lightspeed led the company’s Series A round just six months ago. That rarely happens! We are excited to continue supporting Wintermute and their ambitious expansion plans going forward.

New investor saying good things about Wintermute does say a lot. This is indeed tells good signs about Wintermute. The company has its headquarters at 1900 Campus Commons Dr, Reston, VA 20191, United States. One can contact them at +1 323-375-4225. They are the global crypto market maker. On their website, the brand has defined themselves as: “We are partnering with the world’s best crypto exchanges and projects to provide liquidity.” This does show how Wintermute 20m backing by Lightspeed Venture can bring partners some allison coindesk or creative touch.

Wintermute feels that crypto still has a lot to tell around the world. Hence, they feel the progress would continue for the betterment of the company and people associated with it. They did start the business in 2017. In this short span, becoming largest liquidity providers when it comes to crypto markets, does tell a lot about the growth they have made. In 2020, Wintermute comes up with the growth of 20 per cent. They have now made the monthly trading of 35 billion USD. This is the reason they are feeling that in the next four to five years, they have everything to move ahead and create mega plan that can indeed work for many people around the world.

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Wintermute is looking scale this business and reach to many nations around the world. The start-up does see crypto as a great way to move ahead London based 20m series lightspeed venture despite many updates do not look in favour for them as the impact, they have is just something that can make people investment. Despite all these ups and downs, taking these large steps do talk about the good working culture they have.