With over 2 million weddings taking place in the United States each year, the marriage market is still a thriving business to be in. Florists provide bouquets and centerpieces, caterers offer cakes, appetizers, and full meals, and every bride longs to say yes to the dress. One area that has couples talking is what to do for in-house entertainment, specifically whether to hire a wedding band or DJ. 

If you plan on having music at your wedding reception, this is an important conversation to have sooner rather than later, because you will need to book a wedding band or live DJ months in advance. Continue reading for some tips that will help you decide which would suit your big day and make it the wedding of your dreams. 

Wedding Band or DJ: Will You Dance?

One of the biggest reasons to consider hiring out for someone to provide music at your wedding is if you plan on offering dancing. To do so, you will need to have a space set aside to dance.

Take a look at where your reception is being held. Is your spot big enough for lots of couples to dance or just a few? Will you only be providing music for a few dances, like the bride and groom’s introduction? 

Check with your venue for any specific rules when it comes to music and dancing. If you are having your party in a grassy area, you may be required to provide wooden flooring. The venue may provide a wedding DJ or band for an extra fee, and may not allow outside groups to come in. 

If you are unsure where to start, begin by checking in with some local wedding ceremony musicians and see what they offer.  For more updates, visit: https://lifetocreativefun.com/

Wedding Band

Live music can be a perk to have on your wedding day. Guests will enjoy the feel of live music since it’s usually only provided for special occasions.

One pro to having a live band is that they usually will cater to your song list, but also add some of their own. If they notice your guests are enjoying one specific type of music more, they can change their set around. 

Another pro to hiring a band vs. a DJ for the wedding reception is the entertainment factor. Not all your guests will be dancing, but a live band tends to show off and offer more than just music through speakers. 

Wedding DJ

When it comes to a wedding budget, hiring a DJ will help keep costs down. They are cheaper almost by half and also take up less space than a band would. If you have a smaller venue, keep this in mind.

DJs will be able to play pretty much any song that you or your guests request. A DJ also won’t need as many breaks, as they can keep their playlist going without actually needing to be present. 

Before you book a DJ, see if they have samples of them performing, as you would get with a band. You want to make sure that their vibe matches what you want for your wedding.

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Welcome to Your Special Day

At the end of the day, whether to hire a wedding band or DJ is up to you and how you want your special day to go. Just make sure that you decide in time to book the best that either has to offer. 

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