Sure Thing Miguel Lyrics: Every Detail To Know About Song

Sure Thing Miguel Lyrics

Some songs are indeed so impactful that they live forever. Hence, in any year, people would look at the song lyrics to know them better. It happens because they feel connected to them all the time. And even after hearing it many times, there is a season every year where they like to hear the song. One such song is Sure Thing Miguel Lyrics and people sing Lyrics of the song still now. It shows the quality of the music it has. So let us know about the song in detail.

Sure Thing Miguel Lyrics Introduction

Sure Thing Miguel Lyrics song first came on November 26, 2010. But it was recorded in 2007. This comes under the R&B and neo-soul genre. It comes under the Jive label.  Miguel Pimentel and Nathan Perez wrote the song. Happy Perez is the solo producer of the song and music video. The song was one of the most looked after in 2010. And in that decade, the song was played very well by the fans of Miguel, who made the lyrics three times better with his efforts.   

Sure Thing Miguel Lyrics

Sure Thing Miguel Lyrics Meaning

Sure Thing Miguel Lyrics have love as their center and hence, the singer tried to show his love interest in the song. It was like something you do see from Miguel that many of his beloved songs have the angle of love, which he likes the most. Hence, new couples and lovers do connect with his songs. Like, look at his song All I Want Is You. It is also a lovely song. In the Sure Thing song, he wants to say that the singer is saying that I would give you the love of my brother and friend too. This shows that your partner needs different sides of love and affection. From the sweetness of the person-to-never-die attitude, Sure Thing has made things possible for a man to show how much modern-day people love women.

The song does show the meaning of change in society where men now treat women as they should be.

Sure Thing Miguel’s Lyrics Stats

 Song NameSure Thing
Song WritersMiguel Pimentel and Nathan Perez
ProducerHappy Perez
Music Video Length3:13
ReleasedNovember 26, 2010

Sure Thing Lyrics: 9 other songs to hear

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Sure Thing Miguel Lyrics

Sure Thing Miguel Lyrics Stats

  • Sure Thing Miguel’s Lyrics did reach 36 position on the US Billboard Hot 100.
  • Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart made it stand as number 1 back then.
  • July 2013 stats did say that the song did sell 1,106,000 records back then. It was a huge success back then.
  • TikTok’s rise in the late 2010s made the song a global hit.
  • It did see the song returning on the Billboard Hot 100 in February 2023.
  • In the same month, it was issued to US pop radio.
  • The song reached the best spot of 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 list.  
  • US Pop Airplay chart did rate the song number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • The song’s music video was shot in Honolulu, Hawaii, on January 5, 2011.
  • Sorry 4 the Wait official remix came on July 13, 2011, with Lil Wayne.
  • The remix did see rapper Pusha T.

Sure Thing Miguel Lyrics

Take a look at Sure Thing Miguel Lyrics in the image form.

Sure Thing Miguel Lyrics

Sure Thing Miguel Lyrics: About the Writer

Miguel Jontel Pimentel is a singer born on October 23, 1985, in Los Angeles, California, United States. He is also known as Miguel, Miguel Jontel, and Jontel Johnson. Mark Pitts and Wayne Barrow are his agents. In 2018, Miguel married Nazanin Mandi and then they parted ways in 2022. He is known for the R&B (brown-eyed soul) genre. He even has an official website at

Since 2000, he has been active in the industry and working hard. He has worked with labels like RCA, ByStorm, Jive, Bungalow, Universal and Black Ice. Miguel is known for his modern romantic music at the best. He is known for his lavish playing style.

Final Take

Sure Thing Miguel Lyrics is a song that became famous to the next level with TikTok becoming a global sensational app. The song came in 2010, but it became famous in the early 2020s. It gives a kick to all the toxic men who treat their women in a bad manner. The way he pictured respect for women in this song sets the right examples. It is also a reason that he is a mad female following. Like every song of a great singer stays with him, fans, and beyond, this is something that Sure Thing takes the best.

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