The Do’s and Don’ts of Gym Advertising

Did you know that about 82.7 million American adults have a gym membership? As the fitness industry grows, more and more people are investing in their health and wellness. Nevertheless, there’s also more competition than ever before, meaning that your gym has to stand out from the rest. 

Would you like to improve your gym advertising results? If so, we invite you to keep reading as we share some important do’s and don’ts of advertising your fitness center!

Do: Differentiate Your Gym from the Competition

With so many new gyms to compete with, it’s important to make yours stand out by highlighting some of its best features. 

For example, do you offer specialized classes, a boot camp, or state-of-the-art equipment? Or are your facilities equipped with on premise laundry? 

Once you’ve found what makes you different, advertise it and use it to create your identity. Of course, this takes time, so stick to it as you build your brand and avoid changing your business’ image often. 

Don’t: Promise Unrealistic Results

We’ve all seen advertisements promising unrealistic results, such as losing five pounds in a week. So avoid empty claims that will only lead to dissatisfied customers. Instead, let your customers know that your facilities offer them all the help they need to meet their fitness goals on a healthy timeline.

Do: Have a Fitness Marketing Plan

Great marketing starts with a plan rather than aimlessly posting on social media and hanging up flyers with gym ads. You should have your goals in mind and develop tactics to reach target customers. 

Then, stick to a regular schedule with advertising so you can reach as many people as possible, both online and off!

Don’t: Become Complacent

Although it’s a good idea to have a schedule for posting content online, you should switch up the type of content you post. If not, your customers and potential leads will get bored or pay no mind to what you upload. 

Some of the best ways to attract continual attention are offering discounts from time to time and participating in giveaways. 

Do: Use Different Types of Gym Ads

Print media is still useful today, especially when you tell potential customers how they can find you online. If your social media pages are up to date and fresh, flyers, printed fitness ads, and even commercials serve as great complementary tools to your digital marketing campaign. 

Just be sure not to focus too much on this aspect of your marketing since it can be expensive. 

Don’t: Forget to Build a Community

If your gym already has clients, keep them happy and let them know you care about them. When your social media posts receive comments, reply to them and be positive and supportive! By doing so, you’ll create a community that members will invite their acquaintances to join, which is a gym marketing strategy in itself!

Take Your Gym Advertising to the Next Level!

Now you know what steps to take to improve your gym advertising, as well as what to avoid. So start creating your marketing plan, and then get to work. Without a doubt, your business will benefit, and so will your new customers!

For more tips that can help you run a successful business, be sure to check out more of our marketing content!