The Key to Becoming a Productive Employee While Working From Home!

The new normal is hard to adjust to. It’s unfamiliar and it’s not really fun when we’re forced to confine within our spaces with minimal to zero human interaction. Let’s be honest, adapting to any change is a mission of its own no matter how flexible and easy-going any of us are. There’s no denying that this pandemic has changed life as we know it forever. Adapting to a lifestyle that reinforces zero physical contact, virtual connectivity, and self-isolation does not sound fun but moving forward, it’s the only way to go. 

The impact Covid-19 has had on everyone’s lives is undeniable. Schools have moved online, businesses have shut down and the global economy has taken a huge hit. Students, employees, families, and kids, are all required to self-isolate at home and adjust to the new normal and it’s been equally hard on everyone, but more so for the employees working from home. Part-time students and full-time employees are adhering to the ‘work from home’ rule by working remotely – and it has not been easy. 

Working from home makes it hard to draw a fine line between work and personal life. Separating it becomes ten times harder when you’re working on your schedule and staying productive at all times during work hours is difficult. Distractions are endless at home and therefore your productivity, efficiency, and performance suffer quite noticeably. While some days you may feel like you have it together, other days you’re on an all-time low, and that’s normal. You’re not alone in this since it’s not humanly possible to remain consistent and productive all the time. 

We all dread Mondays, and when you’re working from home, every day might feel like a Monday. But lucky for you, we’ve come up with a simple plan to help you boost your productivity and fight the Monday blues. Adapting to change, means making small changes that lead to bigger ones. Listed below are some tips you can follow to become more productive working from home: 

  • Follow a schedule

Your tasks and work might seem all over the place when you don’t know which one to complete first. Efficiency comes from creating a schedule and sticking to it, and if you don’t have one, it’s high time you make one yourself. Losing track of time is easy, especially when you’re working from home and to feel a sense of time, task management is super important 

Following a schedule will help you with that and more. Not only will you find time to do every task on the list, but you can also keep track of all your activities and tasks of the day or week. Adding structure becomes quite easy with a schedule and it further motivates you to get done with the task within its time frame. Moreover, it allows you to prioritize your personal life. Your work hours will crawl into your personal life and stress you out eventually. 

Try to stick to your normal work routine every day to give yourself a sense of time and commitment. For instance, wake up early, have breakfast, get dressed, warm up with your favorite activity, and then get started with work. Make it a practice and avoid over-working by following a strict schedule every day. 

  • Take breaks seriously

Taking breaks is important for your mental health. After all, you’re only human. Your body and mind will tire out at some point because you’re not a machine. So, staying productive at all times is impossible. Taking regular breaks will help refresh your mind and recharge your body. It’s good for your mental health and physical wellbeing. Take a 30 minutes break to recharge before you get back to work. 

Find an activity or hobby that helps take your mind off the edge and do that. You can read a book, lounge around, take a power nap, work out or catch up on your favorite show. Just make sure you relax and get back into work mode with full motivation again. 

  • Set boundaries

Separating your work life and personal life is important since losing a sense of time is super easy while working from home.  Time seamlessly blends your personal and work life together and the next thing you know is you have a huge pile of mess you cannot handle. 

This is exactly where you draw a line. Keep the two apart from one another by making sure your work hours are only work hours. Don’t take any personal phone calls, attend the doorbell or spend time with your family or friends during these hours. Similarly, don’t attend work calls during your personal time. Spend as much time you want with your friends or family or just lounge around and take the day off once office hours are over. Set boundaries before your day begins and you’re good to go!

  • Virtual connectivity is the new normal

No physical or human interaction has a direct impact on your motivation and productivity. Eventually, you find yourself numb and bored. This is where you turn to social platforms to stay connected with your family friends and colleagues. To avoid making work super boring, and stay connected with your clients, colleagues, and clients through video conferences, messages, and phone calls will do the trick. 

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  • Small Wins matter too

Feeling a sense of accomplishment while getting work done from home is difficult. But the truth is, working from home is ten times harder, and achieving even a small important task is no less than an accomplishment. Distractions are endless and often getting work done becomes impossible. But celebrating these small wins matter a lot. They motivate you to do more and stay positive. More motivation leads to better work performance!

Wrapping it up

A work-life balance is important to sustain in today’s time. By practicing these tips, you will learn a lot about discipline, effort and focus needed to maintain such a lifestyle. The key is to stay positive and remain consistent!