The Ultimate Guide For Maintenance Of Your Arcade Gaming Machine

When installing arcade games in your business, you should create a working relationship with an Arcade Specialist who will perform planned, preventive action on your equipment. When you buy a classic arcade game machine, preventative maintenance is essential; like games that don’t function to their maximum potential result in a revenue loss for you. No one wants to visit a place with a bad reputation for broken products, and that reputation may spread faster than you think.

The following are some pointers to assist you in maintaining your games running smoothly in between maintenance sessions.

Take a thorough peek inside.

If you have access to the classic arcade game machine’s cabinet interior, ensure everything is functioning. These interiors, in particular, can be vacuumed. You may discover that some games require more regular vacuuming or cleaning than others.

Make another visual examination of the game’s internal cabinet to confirm no missing components. In the worst-case situation, this might result in a short or a blockage of ventilation fans, resulting in more significant problems down the road. Again, the goal of regular maintenance is to prevent issues from occurring, so give it your best shot.

Use a pressurized air can to clean little places like ticket dispensers. Inspect all steering belts and, if required, replace them.

Clean the games regularly

Most games’ exteriors are cleaned with a mild all-purpose cleaner. Commercial glass cleaners will be used if the operator’s handbook specifies they are safe. Also, avoid using paper towels since they might harm the exterior glass and give an unsightly appearance. Instead, use a light microfiber cloth. These are generally accessible and make a significant difference in safeguarding your games.

Keep dust and filth from accumulating in cabinet vents and fans. Ensure all the fans are running correctly once you’ve wiped out the debris and cleared the vents.

Always be prepped up for maintenance.

Keep the operator’s handbook present when you go near an arcade machine to service it. This element is critical since each game may have unique cleaning processes. Before performing any maintenance or cleaning, ensure the game is turned off. 

Before playing, use discretion and all of your senses to assess the game. A basic visual safety inspection may go a long way toward identifying concerns such as loose screws or damaged plastic that could pose a risk to a consumer.

A point to remember

Maintaining your devices regularly will help them last longer. You may prevent malfunctions from becoming a cost-prohibitive issue by servicing after you buy a classic arcade game machine regularly. For example, shopping for a pinball arcade machine should be done every two years based on the quantity of play and the game’s location. Maintaining your machine’s lights, sockets, damaged wires, switches, flippers, rebuilds, rubbers, and playfield cleaning can help last longer. Here are some more pointers:

  • Examine the games visually.
  • Use a mild cleaner and microfiber towels to clean the games’ exteriors.
  • All cupboard vents and fans should be checked and cleaned.
  • Vacuum the inside of the cabinet.
  • Clean tiny holes and sensors using compressed air.
  • Maintain the condition of the steering belts.
  • Play all the games to check that they work.
  • Replace any parts that are needed and re-calibrate the controls.

The takeaway

If you follow these principles, you’ll have a clean, pleasant, secure, and efficient arena for decades to come. Combine these suggestions with frequent maintenance inspections to guarantee that your arcades are always running well.

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