Tips To take care of Women’s Hair After Treatments

After hair treatments, our hair requires our attention and gentle care. Hair treatments include micro-needling, hair transplant, rogaine, laser therapy keratin treatment, and all those treatments that change your hair looks. 

Now, you may feel beautiful and confident after hair treatment but the chemicals present in them cause damage to your hair if the hair is not cared for well. 

To keep your hair beautiful and long-lasting you need to give some extra attention to your hair as the treated hair will become dry, rough, and fragile after some time. Just follow some tips to prevent hair from getting damaged.  In the case of curling and straightening, heat damages hair and makes it weak. 

We are sharing some tips to take care of hair after the treatment. Read below to know more about this. 

Tips to take care of hair after treatment

  • Lukewarm oil massage

Oil massaging nourishes hair. In the case of heat styling, heat causes damage and weakens the hair. Lukewarm oil massage will help to restore softness and it will also reduce frizziness. You need to warm them and gently massage them on the scalp using your fingertips. 

  • Use repairing shampoo and conditioner

Hair has keratin protein. During hair treatments, the protein’s bonds usually get broken due to heat and chemicals. Now, it becomes important to repair this damage and restore moisture. Always wash your hair with damage repair products to nourish hair. 

  • Use a soft cloth towel to wrap wet hair

Always treat your hair gently. If you excessively rub your hair after washing then your hair may break. It will also cause tangles and frizz making it rough and non-shiny. Always use a cotton or soft fabric towel and lightly scrub your scalp. Also, avoid using hair dryers. 

  • Start using hair serum after hair wash

The outer layer of the hair is known as the cuticle. Cuticle often gets damaged during hair treatments as it is exposed to chemicals and heat. To nourish it, you need a hair serum rich in nourishing ingredients. Apply hair serum near the end specially to restore moisture. Hair serum makes hair lustrous, beautiful and healthy.

  • Hair mask treatment 

If you are regular in hair styling then you should go to the salon regularly for a hair mask treatment. Hair masks nourish damaged hair. You should go to that salon which is designed for hair treatments. This salon will help you to make your hair stronger and healthier as hair masks are made to give resistance to future damage. 

  • Stay away from unclean places

Hair care after treatment not only includes shampoo and conditioner. You need to protect your hair from dirt and dust as well. If you are visiting polluted areas then wear scarves. Don’t go outside with open hair and stay away from dirty and polluted places to protect your hair from environmental damage. 

  • Say no to Chlorine

You should prevent going to swimming pools to protect your hair from chlorine. In case you need to go swimming then be sure to wear a swimming cap. You can also apply oil before swimming. It will also help you to prevent hair damage from chlorine by acting as a coat. 

  • Wash hair with cold water

Washing hair with hot water opens up the pores which causes hair fall. Hot water also causes damage to the hair. Try washing your hair with cold water or at least lukewarm water. Cold water prevents moisture loss and hair remains shiny and lustrous. 

  • Don’t ignore your diet

It is highly underrated hair care. Remember what you eat is more important than what you put on your hair for your hair care routine. Maintain a balanced diet containing the proper amount of minerals and proteins. This will help in growing healthy, thick, and shiny hair naturally from the roots. 


Hair treatments are needed for managing hair problems including hair fall, dryness, thin hair, dryness, and others. However, it becomes very important to take care of hair post-treatment as well to protect hair from chemicals and heat during hair treatment. There are many ways to take care of hair post-hair treatment. Some are even achievable at home.