Want to Choose the Best Venue for Your Wedding? Here’s Your Checklist

Every detail of planning your wedding will feel like the most critical part. What you wear, who you invite, and all other aspects require attention and planning if you want your special day to be perfect. This is why the planning stage takes so long; each element demands your full focus in order to turn out just right. Your wedding venue is no exception. Here is your checklist for making sure that you choose the right venue for your big day.

Allocate a Portion of Your Budget

Knowing how much to spend on each aspect of your wedding will depend on what your priorities are. Some people want to splurge on the perfect outfit while others care more about entertainment, music, decor, or food. Whatever your budget is, you need to work out how much should be allocated towards the venue. Only then will you be able to start looking around and make a realistic choice.

Think About the Time of Year and Location

An important factor to bear in mind when choosing a venue is in which season you want to get married. The weather will play a huge role in how you arrange other details of your big day, such as photograph spots, dining, and entertainment. Unless you want the outdoor scenery to enhance various aspects of the occasion, a solely indoor venue could allow for more flexibility with time. However, if you want to bask in the sunshine or take photos in the romantic snow, use this to inform your venue choice. Remember to try and visit around the same time of year so that you can see what it will look like on your wedding day.

Consider Ceremony and Reception Venues

Some couples prefer to hold their ceremony and reception at the same venue, while others enjoy the variety of moving between venues to add more experiences to the day. This is also useful if you love a particular venue but it isn’t certified for holding weddings. You can find amazing historic wedding reception venues to wow your guests if you take time to research them. The ceremony itself can be held in a simple venue for practical reasons, allowing you to spend more of your budget on a lavish reception venue. The key is knowing your priorities in advance and considering your spending at every step.

Prepare a Rough Guest List to Determine Capacity

The size of your venue will influence the cost, just as the size of your guest list will impact your range of available venues. When visiting possible venues, talk to the manager and find out what their capacity is. You don’t want your wedding to feel overcrowded. Think about how tables and chairs will be arranged to maintain a comfortable flow to the space for you and your guests.

Don’t Rush Your Decision

No matter what your budget, theme, guest list, or location, it’s important not to make a hasty decision about your wedding venue. Give yourself plenty time to visit different places and evaluate the pros and cons of each. This is the best way to ensure that you choose the perfect spot to celebrate your special day.