What Should a Lay Person Know about an ETL Tool?

ETL tool derives its name from the overall computer data handling process of Extracting, Transforming, and even Loading. It is something that refers to the usual procedure of extracting data from external sources, overall transforming it to a particular use, and eventually loading it to a database or even data warehouse. You can find out ETL tools for different procedures and needs like Pinterest etl for integrating data from different areas there.  The ETL procedure aids in merging data from a diversity of sources into a database for better data processing.

ETL tool extracts diverse types of data from manifold sources as well as converts it to the right storage formats or even structures. This is something that makes it all set for querying and analysing before it gets stored in the overall database. Hence companies often employ ETL tool to simply manage some of their most demanding data integration problems.

Quick perks of etl tool

There are manifold perks of ETL tools that most of companies are making the most of. But if your business hasn’t used it for the best results, it is time that you do it. You can be sure that you make use of this tool to extra, transfer, and load the data in a cohesive and effective manner.

  • ETL tool just simplify data management that simply improves the performance of databases as well as data warehousing
  • ETL software simply helps standardize data collected from numerous types of channels within the organization like Sales, Accounts, CRM, and even Social channels
  • Companies can efficiently address some of the most demanding data integration issues
  • It is also true that your business can save a lot of time with ETL tools once building data warehouses rather than simply the engage in the laborious and error-prone type of manual methods of forming integration mappings
  • ETL tools offer organizations efficient tools for analyzing, structuring, and even cleaning data
  • ETL software facilitates the overall organization and collation of business intelligence that supports the decision-making of the organization.
  • ETL tool ensures that organizes always results in perfectly formatted data throughout the overall ETL process
  • Easy and even cost-effective implementation of an ETL tool, encompassing minimal impact on the source system

Of course, you can find more perks in the ETL tool for your needs once you explore the options. Different tools will have different types of options for you.

The common features of a good etl tool

There are diverse types of etl tools with different features. Of course, you can choose one that is effective, efficient, and most impactful for your overall tasks. Here are some features that you would find in a good etl tool:

  • Augmented business intelligence through support for diverse data stores, business intelligence platforms, and even databases.
  • Support for all kinds of data formats and diverse data flows via many built-in data connectors
  • Absolutely easy to use drag and drop procedure designers for users to simply develop their own models, encompassing support for overall team development
  • Migration of overall data between databases or even individual applications
  • Support for metadata management, encompassing data profiling and cleansing abilities

The Trends of ETL tool

Well, if you talk about the trend of using ETL tools, you would find a great jump in there. These tools are getting used extensively in different companies and organizations. Have a look at some trends below:

  • There is a stable increase in the sum and types of data sources, both from internal as well as external sources, encompassing unstructured data, and even social media. This is something that forces organizations to prioritize data integration and see beyond the conventional ETL process
  • ETL tools providers now aim to simply offer tools that permit them to shift seamlessly between real-time, streaming, and even of batch modes.

The perfect practices of ETL tools

  • ETL runtimes can be really quite long on the basis of the volume of data. Users must employ workload management to simply ensure efficiency
  • Usage of regular diagnostic queries will give a picture of overall ETL health on a constant basis
  • Users of ETL tools must understand the data sources, once it is loaded and the transformation. This is crucial for understanding the integrity of the downstream data.

Use of ETL for Pinterest

Well, you may be knowing that Pinterest  is a social networking and even information discovery website. Users share as well as collect images, home ideas, recipes, and style inspiration through Pins, which companies and businesses can also promote through targeted advertising. Now if have a good etl tool, it would simplify the data integration and other ETL needs to simply free you to concentrate on insights, rather than fixing data pipelines.

How to choose the right ETL tool?

Well, there are different things that the experts want to consider when choosing an etl tool for any purpose. Have a look at some of them below:

  • Make sure that the etl tools are absolutely easy for you to use. Of course, it is good that they are powerful and effective but if they are not easy to use, they could become a headache.
  • Make sure that you don’t have to invest much or your team need to do extensively for maintaining the etl tool. It should be manageable and easily maintainable.
  • Never compromise with the support factor. You know what, it does not matter how easy to use a tool could be, at some point, you may need some or the other sort of help. Ensure that you have the support you require.
  • These days, a few of the ETL tools encompass custom integrations for generally used data sources.  Once an etl tool has custom type of integrations for most of the data sources you make use of, the sum of time may take to ensure your data warehouse up and even running can reduce massively.


To sum up, since you know much about the use, need, features, perks and considerations that you should have at the time of choosing an etl tool; pick one for your organization today.

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