Why You Need To Relook Your Auto Brakes Health

Every auto owner understands that brakes are one of the most crucial parts of their car. It enhances the driver’s safety and that of other road users.

However, motorists need to pay more attention to the health of their breaks, which can lead to unnecessary damages and losses if not addressed. Although many auto dealers perform routine brake inspections and replacements, it is the car owner’s sole responsibility to ensure that it is done correctly and frequently. Before choosing any auto dealers in Jackson, MI, ensure you understand the state of your brakes.

How To Know if Your Brakes Need Servicing

Brake lights should be your first red flag. If you realize your brake lights go off often, you might be due for a brake check. Usually, your car will start taking longer to stop once you start experiencing inconsistent brake lights.

Unlike other car parts, brake parts are subjected to more wear and tear since they are engaged regularly. Consequently, ensure you check them out whenever you do a wheel alignment. Ensure an approved auto dealer Jackson, MI, does your alignments. 

To always be on the safe side, get your car checked every 30,000 miles. 

What Your Autobrakes Needs

Every part of your braking system is vital in slowing down your car. Whether you prefer drum or disc brakes, brake parts will wear down eventually. Almost every auto dealer in Jackson, WI, has the following services to offer your braking system:

  • Brake fluid exchange (Hydraulic)
  • Basic inspection
  • Rotor replacement
  • Pad replacement

Major Break Issues to Look Out For

Since the braking system has different components, a single component can cause damage to others. Therefore, the car owner should swiftly attend to a faulty component as soon as they know it. Always look out for these symptoms:

The Brake Warning Light

Make use of your dashboard. A brake warning light indicates that something is wrong with your brakes. Treat that as a call for service. 

If your ABS light is constantly—a sign of faulty anti-lock—it means your brakes are not working optimally.

Grinding Sounds

You are familiar with that brake noise. It not only notifies you that your brake pads are in trouble but also warns you that your whole brake system is on the line. Immediately you hear that screeching sound, contact any approved auto dealer in Jackson, MI. 

That squeaking sound can be particularly loud if the car was speeding

 A Wobbly Braking

Whenever your steering wheel starts shaking upon braking, start considering checking your brake discs or the ABS. However, this may need to be recognized when driving off-road. 

Constant Low Break Fluid

You might have recognized an inconsistency in your brake fluid levels after refilling. Since most braking systems use hydraulic pressure, any leakage will leave the system vulnerable since the brake lines will not generate sufficient pressure. You will need an approved auto dealer to refill the fluid for you, and at an affordable price.

Zero Brake Resistance

You should always feel significant resistance whenever you hit your brake pedal. It is an indication that your braking system is healthy. Feeling little or no resistance could indicate that the master cylinder is faulty or there is insufficient pressure on your brake lines. In some instances, it could result from contaminated brake fluid.

Lopsided Braking

You will sometimes feel your car shifting on one side upon applying the brakes. Sometimes, the pistons get corroded and create unbalanced rotor contact. This is particularly dangerous, especially when speeding, as more brake parts are at high risk of damage.

Corroded slide pins also have the same effects on the brake linings.

Whenever this happens in Jackson, MI, visit an approved auto dealer immediately.


Do not allow brake check to be a waiting game. Always be proactive with it. It could save you a lot of damage and financial losses when done promptly. Most importantly, it will make our roads safer for ourselves and other users. Consult an approved auto dealer immediately if your car experiences any of the above symptoms. 

You can always check here for professional handling of all your brake needs or any other general car check.