5 Benefits Of Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

The market for eco-friendly and organic products has been gaining quite a momentum in the past few years. Almost every industry has realized the demand and importance of going green, which is why you can find an organic version of almost every consumer good in the market whether it be organic agricultural produce, vegan hair extensions, or organic cosmetics.

This article in particular will go over the benefits of using eco-friendly cleaning products, as cleaning products tend to form a large part of our everyday lives. Anything we wear, eat, use and consume has been cleaned or come in contact with a cleaning product multiple times during its life, and chemically-heavy cleaning products can be very damaging in the long run.

Regular cleaning products often contain ingredients such as bleach, formaldehyde, and ammonia, which are very harmful to human beings in the long run. Elongated exposure to bleach can damage your skin and tissue, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen that can be toxic if inhaled, and ammonia is simply corrosive.

Upon widespread realization of the harms associated with regular chemical-heavy cleaning products, masses are making the shift towards using eco-friendly and organic products, and given below are five benefits associated with this use: 

1.     They are good for the environment

Eco-friendly cleaning products are without a doubt, good for the environment as they contain little to no amounts of volatile components that are usually found in regular cleaning products. Some of the common cleaning chemicals found in regular cleaners include phthalates and sulfates which are harmful to the reproductive systems in humans and also cause damage to marine life. These products are also damaging to the ecosystem as they take years upon years to break down and deteriorate. Eco-friendly products on the other hand contain natural and biodegradable ingredients which include citric acid, glycerin, vinegar, castile soap, thymol, and baking soda. For cleaning products that typically contain a fresh scent, ingredients such as lavender, peppermint, and tea tree are used.

2.     They are child and pet friendly

If you often wake up in cold-sweats thinking about your children or pets coming in contact with that cupboard under your sink that contains all cleaning products, it may be time that you make the shift towards eco-friendly cleaning products. While regular cleaning products contain ingredients that can be very harmful if consumed by children such as bleach, eco-friendly cleaning products contain no such harmful ingredients. If you are scared about your child coming in contact with laundry pods and consuming them by mistake, simply make the shift towards eco friendly laundry detergent to attain some mental peace.

3.     They consume lesser resources

While conventional cleaning products require you to purchase a cleaning product for every different need, such as a different spray to clean bathroom mirrors and a different paste to clean surfaces, eco-friendly cleaning products believe in minimalism and you can often use the same product to satisfy multiple means. Most eco-friendly cleaning products are all-rounders and the same cleaning solution can be used to clean kitchen sinks, windows, mirrors, floors, and storage cupboards. In addition to that, eco-friendly cleaning products also consume less plastic and water during production, and on average are 70% more environmentally conscious during the production process.

4.     They are safe to use

While conventional cleaning products are also pretty safe to use, one often has to be cautious around their use as the chemicals used in them can harm your eyes and skin if they come in direct contact. However, there is no such risk involved with eco-friendly products as many companies that produce organic cleaning products claim that their products are safe enough to be consumed. Regular cleaning products also often contain ingredients that act as allergens for a few individuals. Certain irritants and allergens commonly used in conventional cleaning products include sulfates, synthetic fragrances, dyes, and phosphates, and eco-friendly cleaning products are free from any such ingredients.

5.     They are cruelty-free

While many conventional cleaning products have a history of testing on animals and animal cruelty, eco-friendly cleaning products have no such incidents in their past. When a company claims that its products are eco-friendly and organic, it means that its products have in no way harmed or will harm the environment and all living beings. These companies take a stand against testing on animals, and their product development teams find alternative and environmentally-conscious ways of responsibly testing their products.


The benefits of eco-friendly cleaning products over their regular counterparts are numerous and hard to ignore. As a consumer, if you care about the future of our environment and the health of your family, you must shift to using eco-friendly cleaning products in the long run. The long aisles filled with questionable and damaging cleaning ingredients sponsored by big corporations can only be brought to a stop if the consumer demand for them decreases, and that for organic and eco-friendly products increases.