5 Signs You’re Ready to Become a Wellness Coach

9 to 5 might be a catchy tune, but the reality doesn’t always make us leap out of bed on a Monday morning. For some, a dream of ditching the day job for self-employment dominates every waking hour.

Does that sound familiar? 

But starting a new business means finding a career that matches your passions with your experience. And if you enjoy topics like health and self-care, a career in coaching might be your perfect choice. 

To help you with your decision, here are five signs you’re ready to become a wellness coach. 

1. You Love Helping Others

A good coach is a people person. They enjoy working with others and are motivated by the idea of helping people make a change in their lives. 

Does that sound like you? If the answer is yes, coaching might be a good fit for your personality.

Helping others will rely heavily on communication, and you’ll need to have the time and patience to talk to new customers and find out their desires and problems.

That approach will help you make a real difference for them during your coaching sessions. 

2. You’re An Expert In Your Field

Do people turn to you for wellness advice? Perhaps you have particular expertise in a niche of health and self-care.

You might even be someone who already has an online presence where you talk, write and present about your specialist topic.

These are all signs that you have the expertise to share with others as a health coach. Don’t underestimate the value of your knowledge.

There might be many wellness coaches already offering services to your target customer. Nevertheless, you’ll stand out from the crowd if you have unique knowledge beyond what’s already out there.

3. You’re ASelf-Starter

Being a health and wellness coach means moving to self-employment.

Perhaps you’ve considered the idea of entrepreneurship in the past and wondered if it’s a suitable career choice for you.

To make it as a coach, you must have the drive and determination to push your business forward.

That quality will be crucial as, unlike a traditional job, you won’t have anyone managing your time. You have to be a self-starter with the energy and dedication to putting in the long hours your business will need to succeed.

4. You Want A Career With A Purpose

Not all careers offer the chance to change someone’s life. But a good wellness coach might do that for the right person and with the right coaching.

Some people love a career that offers predictability. Others thrive on prestige. But for a health coach, your motivation will come from impacting someone’s life. That provides a higher purpose. 

5. You Already Have Experience

One feature customers will always look for in a good wellness coach is experience.

That doesn’t mean you need to find yourself in a catch-22 of needing customer testimonials to win your first customer. Still, you need to demonstrate that you can do what you say you can do.

If you lack experience, offer free coaching to a friend. You could also work towards a wellness coach certification, something you can learn more about here. 

Are You Ready For A Career As A Wellness Coach?

Changing careers isn’t for everyone. But if you feel inspired by the thought of starting your own business and helping others, self-employment as a wellness coach might be perfect for you.

For tips on launching your new wellness coaching brand, head to our business section now.