5 Steps for a Successful A/C Installation

There’s no other person to call than the pros if you need the best air conditioning installation. If you need the most satisfying results and want to enjoy years of comfort in your home, then don’t leave the job to the hands of amateurs.

Well-trained and licensed A/C contractors from a reputable HVAC company can guarantee a quality job, regardless of what system you choose to install.

They follow these five (5) essential steps for a successful A/C installation project:

Step 1: Assess Your Comfort Requirements

The A/C experts will conduct an on-site visit and consider all possible factors that impact your comfort, including the size of your space, the number of rooms in your home, the weather pattern in your location, and much more. They will take time to assess all these factors and present to you the results for the best air conditioning installation.

Depending on the air quality present in your area, they may also recommend installing IAQ products to ensure fresher and cleaner indoor air.

Step 2: Perform Load Calculation

A load calculation is an important process to achieve the best air conditioning installation. Your HVAC contractor should perform it to identify the right system size for your space. Remember, an incorrectly sized unit can cause several problems, including discomfort, inefficiency, costly repairs, and unexpected breakdown.

All this happens because your unit does not meet your home’s cooling demands. Experts can perform a thorough load calculation to find the exact unit size for your home and determine the most suitable type of system.

Step 3: Recommend the Right A/C Product

After performing a load calculation, they will then recommend the right cooling system for your home. Professional contractors promote the use of energy-efficient products with a high Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER) rating to help you save money on cooling costs and lower your carbon footprint.

They will explain what these standards are and why they are essential, so you can better understand the benefits of opting for high-efficiency products. Getting efficient systems may sound expensive, but all the costs can be compensated by lower cooling costs in the long run. If you have a tight budget for a new, high-efficiency A/C, your contractor might have financing options available for you. Ask about it, as well.

Step 4: Begin the Installation Process

At this stage, the contractor and the installation team will come again to your place to perform the best air conditioning installation in your home. They will come equipped with tools and knowledge to make the installation process a success.

Beforehand, you might be advised to clear the installation site to avoid any hassle and obstruction. An expert installer is expected to provide fast and reliable service at the price you can afford and even offer full-service warranties to give you added peace of mind.

Step 5: Check the Performance of Your Newly Installed A/C

Your contractor should conduct a final test to make sure your new system is working properly. They will recalibrate your thermostat and measure the consistency of your airflow and indoor temperature. They can even check your ductwork and refrigerant lines for damages and repair them for better performance.

Thinking to Install a New A/C in Your Home?

Whether you plan to add a new air conditioning system or replace the old equipment, calling the experts for the installation job is the first step.

For the best air conditioning installation, call only Bill’s Heating & A/C. Whatever the size of the project, their team is ready to take on the job. Call them at 208-777-5528 for an in-home consultation today.