Do you protect your mattress? Do you even see the need?

Whether you count your mattress important enough to be protected or not, this article holds a mind shift for you.

Mattress covers are thin, quilted, and/or padded bed materials covering or encasing the mattress to extend its shelf life. The mattress protector protects your mattress from stains, dust, allergens, and essential wear and tear. The mattress protector can also regulate the temperature of your mattress such that it remains within a consistent range of temperature and micro-climate.

Mattress Protector Rankings.

Placing ranks on the best cooling mattress protector is quite dicey. This is because the best cooling mattress protectors are those that meet the need of their owners. Since needs differ, it’s safe to say that the best is also relative.

A ‘cooling’ mattress protector is primarily designed to regulate and maintain a sleeper’s body temperature throughout his rest. They can also trap heat, thereby reducing the rate of sweat for people who sweat a lot.

To determine the best cooling mattress protectors for you, here are some factors you should consider;

Active or passive?

Active cooling pads do not leave the cooling kind to just the fabrics. They either come with fans or a water pump attached. More often than not, the temperature can be adjusted to maintaining the desired sleeping temperature. They could also ooze some warmth in cold weather.

Passive pads, however, focus on the materials to optimize the temperature. They could be made with special cooling materials like gel-infused foams. They could also be made from fabrics and materials that are naturally cool. Materials like Latex, Gel-infused memory foam, or viscoelastic foams can serve the purpose as well. Other naturally cooling materials are feathers from geese or ducks or wool from lambs or sheep.

Be it active or passive, the best cooling mattress protectors are mostly covered with fabrics that regulate the sleeper’s temperature. These may include rayon, cotton, or bamboo fabric.

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The best bamboo sheets are not only ranked for their cooling effect but also their thermoregulating abilities. The best bamboo sheets effortlessly regulate their temperature to complement the weather. When the weather is cold, you can trust the sheet to warm up. When it’s hot, the sheet cools off with its moisture-wicking absorption rate. Most importantly, the best bamboo sheets are a combination of certain factors;

  • They are not mixed fabrics. They are Rayon or bamboo Viscose.
  • If you’ll pick a soft sheet over a smooth one, then go for a twill weave rather than a cotton one.
  • If you want the silky feel with moderate smoothness, then a sateen weave works. However, it would be best if you handled it with care.

You can also determine the best bamboo sheet for you based on the thread count. Experiments have proven that high thread counts mostly translate to low-quality sheets. Any bamboo sheet with a thread count of more than 800 might be a red flag.

Generally, bamboo sheets are pricey. Therefore, you can expect heavy price tags for quality bamboo sheets. When a company offers quality, their assurance should reflect it. Therefore, warranty policies can hint at the best bamboo sheets.

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