E Uparjan- Online Kharif Procurement Monitoring System(2023-24)

E Uparjan

In India, governments keep taking innovative steps for the development of the country. These initiatives help to grow each sector in India. Through these programs life of citizens have improved. We all know India known for its farming. It also called an agrarian society. Agriculture and India have had a close bond for ages. To empower this sector government has been taking initiatives. Today in this article you will get to know one such initiative. Have you heard of the E Uparjan Scheme? If you do not know, don’t worry. You will get to know about this scheme in detail. So, stay tuned till the end of this article.

What is E Uparjan?

E Uparjan is a scheme for the empowerment of farmers. This initiative taken by the Madhya Pradesh government. This scheme has revolutionized the way of selling produce. This initiative’s motive is to empower farmers with efficient marketing processes. This scheme gives an efficient agricultural marketing process that eases the flow of produce. It is beneficial for farmers of MP. E-Uparjan a widely appreciated scheme and the farming community embraced it.

Later in this article, you get to know the benefits and objectives of this agriculture scheme. let’s move forward in this article.

E Uparjan

E Uparjan Objective

In this agricultural sector, a proper marketing process is required for the flow of produce. The government of MP launched this scheme with the primary objective of empowering the farmers. E-Uparjan provides an efficient and transparent agricultural marketing system. Through this scheme earlier where intermediaries were involved are eliminated.

This ensures that farmers aka producers are getting fair prices for their crops. This scheme promotes direct transactions between producer and buyer. This makes sure that farmers are not exploited and gain profits. This is the main objective of the E-Uparjan scheme. MP government has made the selling process smooth for farmers in the state.

How To Register with E Uparjan?

You need to follow the following steps to register yourself with E Uparjan given below:

  • You have to go to the official website of  E uparjan.
  • On the homepage window, the Rabi 2022-2023 option will appear.
  • Choose the  Rabi option. After selecting you will be directed to a new page.
  • There you must select the option labeled Farmer Registration / Application Search. 
  • After selecting the option, this link will appear in the window.
  • Click on it. On the new window, you will see a form.
  • Fill out the form will the personal details asked there. Details such as the farmer’s name, phone number, general ID, etc. 
  • Finally, select and click on ‘submit’ to complete the application process. 

E-Uparjan Benefits  

No intermediary

  • Through this scheme producers aka farmers have direct access to buyers. There is no involvement of intermediaries.
  • This direct access makes sure that farmers can negotiate fair prices with buyers. With this, they will gain better prices for their produce.

Digital Platform Service

  • E-Uparjan provides a digital platform to farmers.
  • Through digital platforms, farmers have real-time information on crop prices. This platform also offers information on storage facilities and government schemes.
  • This helps farmers in crop management by information on market conditions. This will result in better financial planning.

Reduces Paperwork and Transparency

  • This marketing process is transparent as it is direct business. It did not involve anyone intermediaries. This ensures the reduction of corruption or malpractices.
  • The digital processes certainly reduce the hectic paperwork. This makes the process smooth and efficient for farmers. They will also save time and energy because of the digital process.

Timely Payment

With this scheme, farmers are guaranteed to receive payment within 48 hours.

This helps farmers to become financially efficient. They can reinvest in their farming activities without any huddle.

Quality Control Measures

  • Through this scheme, farmers emphasize the quality of crops. They manage to produce high-quality crops.
  • Farmers get feedback on their produce from time to time. This gives them a sense of enhancement for their farming practices. This results in an improvement in the quality of crops.

Enhanced Output

  • This scheme focuses on quality control and provides fair prices of produce. This ensures the enhancement of farmer’s output.
  • Through this initiative, farmers are motivated to adopt advanced agriculture practices. This results in better yields and financial stability.


The E Uparjan is applauding the initiative of the MP government. Through this scheme, they have in real meaning empowered farmers. The transparency created in the agriculture marketing process is remarkable. Farmers have direct access to buyers. They can negotiate for the fair price of their produce. This scheme ensures that farmers in the state are not exploited.

This is an achievement for the government. This scheme provides a digital platform for farmers. They get A to Z services related to agriculture. I mean it’s a great scheme for farmers. It works for farmers. It is one of the best collaborations of government and technology. This initiative can bring positive change in the lives of farmers in India.  

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