Mission Prerna UP.In: Teacher Login and Student Registration @prernaup.in

mission prerna up.in

Education is the most important thing that we all need to grow ourselves. Thus, keeping this in mind the government of UP initiated the mission prerna up.in to provide you an effective learning. It improves the quality of your learning as it is a virtual learning platform. In this article, we will talk about the mission Prerna up a portal and understand its aspects that can help you to get efficient learning. 

An Overview of Mission Prerna Up

The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh has launched this Mission Prerna UP web portal to make the required changes in education in government schools of UP. The portal aims to provide benefits to those who are not getting a proper education and are studying in government schools. It has raised information and instruction standards that offered in private schools to encourage students to learn. 

Know about Mission Prerna UP.In

The Mission Prerna UP begun to enhance the foundational education for the students of 1 to 5 standard of school and over 1.5 lakh government schools have parted them in this Mission Prerna up.in portal. The goal of the portal is to increase the academic knowledge of students and improve the quality of their learning. It is a better platform that promotes critical development activities in government schools. 

Registration Process of Mission Prerna Up.in Portal for students

Here is the registration process for mission prerna Up.in Portal for the students given below:

  • Visit its official platform and scroll down towards the student’s corner.
  • Select between the E-pathshala and learning material in the student corner area.
  • Choose the E-pathshala and enter the classes.
  • Now, students can access the learning material from the course in which they have enrolled.
  • The daily schedule and materials are available for the students.


In this article, we have talked about Mission Prerna Up.in Portal which specially designed for the students of government schools. It has increased the academic activities for the students of government schools of Uttar Pradesh, where they can develop their critical thinking. The portal launched by the chief minister of Uttar pradesh. We hope you understand this portal and registration process so that students can follow through with this article.  To get more reliable and informative updates stay tuned with us and our articles. 

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