Everything About Cricket: The Updated Guide

In cricket, a bat-and-ball game played on a pitch measuring approximately 22 yards (20 metres), there are two teams of eleven players. Afternoons and evenings are the best times to play this game. You can watch the live cricket match score on television if you want to follow the action.

 Three stumps balance two bails at each end of the field. Teams that bat score runs by striking them with the bat (and running between the wickets), while teams that bowl and field prevent this (by preventing the ball from leaving the field and getting it to either wicket) and dismiss each batsman (so they are out). The batter can be bowled by the ball hitting the stumps and dislodging the bails, and if the fielding side catches the ball or the ball hits the wicket before the batter crosses the crease before hitting it means that he’s been dismissed. The inning is ended by throwing out ten batters, and then the teams switch roles. The third umpire is appointed by the referee. International matches are adjudicated by three umpires.

Total No.Teams in Cricket

Cricket teams are plentiful, but only a few are well-known.

The following teams are involved:

1.    Indian Cricket Team

2.    Australian Cricket Team

3.    West Indies

4.    South Africa

5.    Pakistan

6.    Bangladesh

7.    Afganistan

8.    New Zealand

9.    Canada

10.  Netherlands

11.  Sri Lanka

12.  Zimbabwe

13.  Kenya

14.  Bermuda

All of these teams are well-known.

Live cricket match score can still be viewed if you cannot view the match.

There are many applications in the market that provide live cricket match scores and match information. Numerous apps are available for viewing the live cricket match score.

How To See Live Cricket Match Score?

Search for “live cricket match score” to follow a cricket match online. There will be many results in live cricket match scores.

The following apps and platforms allow live cricket match scores to be viewed:

1. Cricbuzz

2.    BCCI main website

3. News Channels Websites

How Can You Get information about Upcoming Cricket Matches?

Cricket fans always look forward to the matches. It’s only natural that you’re curious about upcoming cricket matches.

I am a huge fan of cricket as well, and I keep track of upcoming cricket matches. Right? But you probably want to know more about upcoming cricket matches, don’t you?

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of some platforms where you can find out about upcoming cricket matches.

1.    On the internet, you can find upcoming cricket matches by searching

2.    Visit the official BBCI website for the upcoming cricket matches.

Rules in Cricket Game

●     Each cricket team consists of eleven players. (In junior competitions, eight-player teams may be used).

●     One inning of a game will see every team bat, field, and bowl.

●     Batsmen will hit the ball with their bats as they attempt to hit it with the bowlers.

Batting in Cricket

In cricket, batted balls are used to score runs and prevent wickets from being lost. A player who is currently batting is known as a batsman, batswomen, or batter no matter what his or her specialty is. When playing on different pitches, batting players must adapt to different conditions, which explains why they have lightning reflexes, make excellent decisions, and are skilled strategists on top of their physical ability.

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In any innings, the striker and non-striker will both be on the pitch at the same time, depending on who is facing the current bowling delivery. A batter’s teammates replace him when he is out.

There is no single tactical or strategic method for hitting that exists across all matches. As a batting player, your main concern is not to lose your wicket and to score as many runs as possible. For the batting player to score quickly, he must play risky shots, increasing the risk of dismissal, whereas playing a careful wicket-guarding stroke should be the safest option.

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