How to Know When It’s Time to Have New A/C Installation

You’ve already done all the needed maintenance and cleaning service for your home’s A/C unit, but yet something still seems off. Maybe you smell something weird from your cooling system. Do you hear odd sounds when it’s operating? Or do you notice more dust build-up in your space?

Understanding the right time to have a new A/C installation in your Irving, TX, home is as vital as regularly maintaining and cleaning it. However, as good as these units are, nothing lasts forever, and air conditioners are no exception.

Now, here’s an explanation of whento get a new A/C installed.

Age of the A/C Unit

Understanding the age of your current cooling system is essential. Do you still remember how old your cooling equipment is? If the answer is no, that may be one indicator to consider having a new A/C unit installed in your Irving, TX, home.

A well-maintained A/C unit should optimally serve you longer compared to the less maintained cooling equipment. If your unit does not get enough maintenance and its age is past its expected lifespan, then it’s time to upgrade to a new model.

Loud noises

A healthy cooling system only produces little to no sound. If you hear an unusual sound coming from your cooling systems, such as loud banging, grating, or grinding, it’s a good idea to have a closer look into it immediately.

If you have a loud A/C unit, this can mean a few things; either the equipment’s evaporator coil has an issue, or the A/C unit is too small to do its cooling job.

Excess humidity

If there’s excess humidity occurring from your A/C unit or on any surface of your home, that’s one indication that your equipment is wearing down. Your indoor air quality should not be too wet and soggy in the summer. If this is the case, it may be a reason for dying equipment, sloppy installation work, or poor insulation.

Dust build-up

If you have a properly functioning A/C unit and ventilation, your home should ideally be dust-free. Your ducts should also not have excess dust either. A duct leak, however, will draw out dust and recirculate it throughout the house. Usually, resealing the ducts will do the job, but if the dust problem is still there, maybe it’s time to have your unit checked for possible replacement.

Frequent repairs

If your unit requires frequent repairs, it’s time to replace it. Instead of wasting money on constant repairs, it’s better to spend that money on a new A/C unit. It will cost you less money to have a new A/C unit installation in Irving, TX, than having to repair the unit frequently.

You have skyrocketing energy bills

Your energy bills are one of the signs to find out if it’s time to install a new A/C unit. It’s an indication that something is wrong! A healthy and newer model should not raise your electricity bills but instead lessen them and keep them at a low cost. If your utility bills are higher than they should be, maybe you should consider replacing your equipment.


Before deciding on a new A/C unit installation, its is advised to ask for a professional opinion. They will help you identify the age of your A/C unit, if it has been maintained well, and if it needs any repairs. They will also identify if it’s time to retire your current A/C unit.

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