Kokoa: The Best Streaming Service for Kids

Ko koa TV

Ko koa TV is a streaming platform offering a lot of options for kids’ content which includes movies and shows as well as educational programming. It is free of any advertisements and is accessible to smartphones tablets TV’s and computers. Streaming service provides a huge number of features making it an awesome choice for parents and their kids. Its streaming service is developed by exports guaranteeing that the content is appropriate for suitable for children and kids. The service offers a lot of options of content and educational features including a learning library with interactive games helping kids learn about a plethora of topics. 

Features of Ko koa TV

The streaming service has so many features making it an amazing choice for parents who seek safe, interactive and educational entertainment for their kids including:

  • Add Free Streaming
  • Kid Appropriate Content 
  • Customizable Parent Controls 
  • Interactive Games and Activities In The Learning Library 
  • Sleep Timer

Is Ko koa TV Safe for Kids?

Safety is a real concern when choosing a streaming service for children. Kokoa TV offers you a content repository that is suitable for kids, it allows parents to create profiles especially for kids and add parental controls with passwords. The content library of the streaming service covers educational shows, live-action, comedies and more providing a safe streaming service for kids. Some popular titles are Pororo the Little Penguin, Tayo the Little Bus and Pucca.

Subscription and Billing

The streaming platform offers multiple subscription plans and viewers can choose the one which suits them the most. It offers a basic plan with which viewers can stream content in High Definition (HD) on two screens simultaneously, another option is the premium option which allows the viewer to stream content in Ultra High Definition (UHD) on up to four screens simultaneously. When compared to traditional Cable services which cost about a $100 per month generally, usually more, Ko koa TV is a much more desirable option.


Q1 What is Ko koa TV?

It is an ad-free streaming service. It offers a lot of options of streaming content which is suitable for kids of all ages, it also gives parents control over what they want their children to watch by the application of parental controls.

Q2 Is Ko koa TV safe for Kids?

Yes! This is completely safe for kids. The streaming service allows parents to create special locked profiles for their kids, offers a lot of options for educational and entertaining content appropriate for kids, and gives parents control over what they want their children to watch via parental controls to safeguard kids from accessing content for mature audiences.

Q3 How much does Ko koa TV cost?

It is competitively priced. Two different subscription models are available, Standard and premium with their specific features.

Q4 Features of Ko koa TV?

  • Ad-free streaming
  • Kid-appropriate content repository
  • Learning Library with interactive games and activities.
  • Parental controls etc.

Q5 What devices can be used to access Ko koa TV?

Smartphones, tablets, computers as well as streaming devices such as Apple TV, Android TV, Roku etc.