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Obama Medal Meme

This hilarious template came out in 2017, which was an exploitable and impressively photoshopped. In this meme, the former President of the United States Barack Obama was photoshopped to award a medal to himself. Not only awarding himself but this template has been used as an exploitable meaning Obama awarding meme to different photoshopped people according to the context of the meme. This meme originated from the November of 2016 when President Barack Obama awarded the medal of freedom to 21 individuals including Ellen Degenres and Michael Jordan. After this event, the memes started coming on including the meme of “president Obama awards himself the best president.”


This meme spread like fire because almost everyone knows the famous president and also the template looked very chucklesome when everyone saw Obama awarding a medal to himself. This meme got 1k likes on the first day of it being posted on reddit. Everyone has a different opinion on politics and a different opinion of Barack Obama. So when they needed to criticize the president for anything, people did not needed to tweet angrily or make hateful comments, all they needed to do was make a simple meme. And if many people shared the same opinion on the topic, the meme would automatically get viral. This is how memes act as an important aspect of people’s voice and that too very peacefully. In June 2019, a post of this meme format got over 65K upvotes in reddit in just a span of two weeks!

Obama Medal Meme


  • Obama awarding medal to himself : What do you look like when you like your own picture on facebook.
  • Obama awarding medal to himself : When google gives 5 star ratings to all google apps on play store
  • Obama awarding medal to himself : When you inside the swimming pool and you wash you face with bottled water.
  • Obama awarding medal to himself : getting ads about spotify while listening to music on spotify
  • Obama awarding medal to himself : When you open the trending tab on twitter and see “twitter is trending.”
  • Obama awarding medal to himself : When parents say they are proud of their kids
  • Obama awarding medal to himself : When Netflix puts its own movies in the popular section.
  • Obama awarding medal to himself : every north korean press release about Kim Jong Un
  • Obama awarding medal to himself : When you think that the human brain is the fastest brain but realize your brain made you think that.
  • Obama awarding medal to himself : When you post a meme and then upvote it from your own account.


All of us love to see and share memes. One might think of memes as a vast source of entertainment today. But they have become more than that, they are a part of our lives now. Anything happens in the world, you will see a meme on the internet and relate to it. Memes help us to understand any concept or information a lot easily, because every meme has a different kind of feeling attached to it. It is also normal for an individual, a group of people or the whole world to be hit by a wave of sadness due to certain events. But memes have always helped us to cope up with our stress and anxiety. Even when a stressful situation is transformed into a meme, people become less stressed about it, they feel that they are not alone who is suffering and it becomes easier to deal with the problem.

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