Green Cocktail Dress: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch

green cocktail dress

Green Cocktail Dress: Introduction

In a cocktail party we all want to look classy and glamorous. So why not to wear green cocktail dress to flaunt your look and sassiness. Green color is one the very fresh, emerald, rich and royal color. Whether its cocktail party or any occasion you can wear green color dress without any second thought. Green is very eye-catching color and it is one of the most charming hues to wear on the cocktail party. It will make you look immensely beautiful and gives you the diva look.

Wearing a green color dress in a cocktail party, you can elevate your look and its look fantastic and stunning. Style it up with accessorise to enhance the look. There is a variety of cocktail dress to wear in a party So, do wear it according to your body type and size. Green color grabs the attention of the people and if you if style the green dress in a proper way to get the desired look, then surely you are going to rock at the cocktail party and flaunt in your own way. It is very mesmerizing shade so wear it accordingly with proper heels, bag, makeup, and accessories.

Some Makeup Tips When Wearing A Green Dress: Cocktail Party

Here are some makeup tips you can follow while wearing green cocktail dress.

  • If you are using a green eyeshadow, make sure that it matches with the colour of your dress shade.
  • Try to avoid too much of green makeup and shades over the green dress, using excessive of green will spoil your look.
  • To escalate your eye look, mix a little black eyeshadow and get some Smokey eye shade.
  • While selecting the makeup shade use some beige and light subtle shade for the look.
  • Try to create some glamourous divas look according to your dress and accessories.
  • Avoid using very dark shades of red lipsticks instead of that try using some soft coral red lip shades.
  • If you want to go for a natural look then choose some light nude peachy shades for makeup.
  • Do not forget to use highlighter it will enhance your look much better and illuminate you especially on green dress.
  • If you are using bold eye makeup, then try to use some neutral shade lipstick.
  • Always wing your eyeliner according to your face, make-up, and dress.
  • Do not use too much of green pairing with the overall look and try to use some different solid colors.
  • Accessorise your jewellery according to that green dress that you are wearing for the cocktail party.
green cocktail dress

Green Cocktail Dresses: Ideas

Green cocktail dress indeed has several ideas. No need to stress now! Here are some ideas by which you can elevate your look.

  • SHOES- You can go for strappy heels, peep toes, stilettos, or pumps.

Avoid using boots, informal sandals, and flats as they are not going to look good.

  • JEWELLERY- You can go for jewellery statement like necklace, rings, watch and hair accessories that will match up with your dress. Earrings are one of the most eye-catching jewelleries so do try to wear classy earrings to grab the attention.

Green using mismatching metals and contrast your jewelleries with dress.

  • HANDBAGS- Do carry a small and sober handheld clutch. Your handbags should enhance your cocktail dress by matching it up with other accessories.

Avoid using large handbags, tote bags it will not be suitable for party purpose.

  • MAKEUP AND NAIL PAINTS- Try to go for subtle and simple shades. Always try to wear the neutral tones that will blend with your green cocktail dress.

Avoid mixing various shades and try avoiding dark and bright shades with your cocktail dress.

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