Organic bamboo sheets: What You Should Know

Organic bamboo sheets

Due to the comfort, and allergen-free property they have, organic bamboo sheets are becoming popular nowadays.

So also are weighted blankets. Weighted blankets provide health benefits and are even recommended by physiotherapists for their patients.

Your organic bamboo sheets require some care, especially if you want to enjoy it for long. Also, you must get the correct weighted blanket for yourself so that it will be able to serve its purpose.

How to clean your organic bamboo sheets

Bamboo sheets require an extra care than normal sheets because of their delicate nature.  The principle is to be gentle with them. Avoid the use of hot water, bleach, softener or any harsh agents on them. With this in mind, you can proceed with washing your organic bamboo sheets like you would your normal sheets.

What is a weighted blanket used for?

A weighted blanket is used by people who struggle with some medical conditions like insomnia, and ADHD. It helps to relieve anxiety, sleeplessness and pain. It can also be used to relax and soothe the body at night, hence enhancing sound sleep.

Getting the Right Size of Weighted Blanket

What size weighted blanket should I get? The answer to this question depends on some factors:

1. Your total body weight: Experts advise it is best to choose a blanket within 7-12% of your total body weight.

2. Your preference: My preference differs. What may be heavy to you may be light to someone else. However, it is best to go for a blanket not more than thirty pounds. Too heavy blanket, instead of being beneficial, can pose a threat or danger to your health.

3. Check up charts online: You may need to check online for charts that will help you decide on the right size of weighted blanket you should get.

4. Height: The taller you are, the longer you will want your weighted blanket to be. Hence, on deciding the size of your blanket, you may need to consider your height too.

5. Age:

Adults: Getting the correct size and weight measurement will help to determine what size your weighted blanket should be. As experts have agreed, your weighted blanket should weigh about 10% of your total body weight.

Kids: Young children can also benefit from weighted blankets. However, you must make sure it is a good fit for the child. But, how do you determine that?

First, know that children less than two years should not use it. This is because they cannot control their movement. And to avoid SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and accidental suffocation, they should stay clear of it.  Also, remember that kids do not have the same weight needs like an adult, so it is essential to take the correct size and weight measurement before purchasing any one.

What size weighted blanket should I get? Get the one that best suits you.


Bamboo sheets and a weighted blanket are necessary. Get them on your next shopping.