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Safe Kid Games

Safe Kid Games is a digital gaming platform that is both educational and entertaining. A platform owned by parents defines it all. A parent can understand the concerns of other parents about their children. On this platform, kids can collect knowledge, improve intelligence levels, and have some real fun. How is it safe to bring kindergarten kids on devices? Is it even appropriate or necessary? these are coming doubts that blow parents’ minds.

Being on the screen for long is not safe for the eyes, but the purpose that they serve makes it disappear. They offer a variety of kids’ games on their platform. An entertaining, educational, learning, and enjoyable platform which is how people want their kids to seek learning with fun.

About Safe Kid games

It is an online site on which they demand subscriptions and log in to explore learning with entertainment. Easy learning and lots of fun, this is all a kid wants. They offer a smooth interface, and they have set their screen and categories so well that Safe Kid games can easily operate it by themselves. It is a platform that offers learning and educational opportunities for kids from kindergarten to 7th grade.

Safe Kid Games

Categories offered by Safe Kid games

They offer Safe kid games on the basis of the abilities of the kids. It offers games in four major categories.

1. Grade Games

Grade games are a category in which they offer different types of games to play and to learn based on their class.

They offer this platform from Kindergarten to the 7th grade kids.

It includes sub-categories, are:

·  Kindergarten

In this, they offer a number of games for the kids who are in the kindergarten category.

·  Grade 1

In this they offer multiple options for the kids of 1st standard to learn whole playing.

· Grade 2

In this the kids of the 2nd grade are required to play their specified games. These games teaches them a lot and provide a confidence in them.

·  Grade 3

In this the kids of third grade are served with the list of game which are based on their abilities.

·  Grade 4

The gaming level increase with the increase in grade. The kids of 4th standard play their listed games to learn on the basis of their abilities.

· Grade 5

It includes games for kids of 5th grade, level of game is quite touch as compared to 3rd and 4th grade.

·  Grade 6

This is second last grade, till 6th and 7th standard kids have learn to the base of every subject. Safe kid platform helps to achieve that.

·  Grade 7

Kids you crack this grade set a milestones for themselves. In this the games level are on the highest. Supreme level of the grade level category.

2. Holiday Fun

This category represent the holidays, it helps kids to remember the top holidays name and their meaning.

The sub- categories that comes under it, are:

·  Easter Games

Easter is one of the biggest festival that is celebrated by the south India. In this sub category that provide games and quiz on Easter to teach kids about it.

·  Christmas Games

A popular fest which is celebrated by the world. In this kids are introduced to the characters of Santa Clause and giving nature through games.

· Halloween Thanksgiving

In this sub category kids can play Halloween games which means ghost games, they are created for fun not to scare the kids.

·  Valentine’s games

It associates about the valentine days a special day to share your love, in this category games are all in and decorated with love and hearts.

·  Winter games

Snow games, kids love to play that. If you can’t afford it for real, make it possible on the reel life with a small subscription amount.

3. Fun games

·  Action Games

A section full of action, fun and fights. In this sub category kids learn to defeat opponents. This strengthen their minds, they learn tricks and techniques.

·  Adventure Games

A section full of difficulties plus fun, a path of adventure. It develops a quality of taking risk in kids. Higher the risk higher the results.

·  Cooking Games

In this games, kids have to perform cooking tasks this aren’t for real. But, practical affect lit or higher. It brings a quality of understanding that it is not gender based.

·   Driving Games

It is a full of fun, in this kids learn how to drive car. It includes games like car racing, car stunts, moto games and more.

·  Popular Games

This section is filled with list of categories that engage varieties of games in it. A bunch of popular games with safe kid games.

· Skill Games

Demands skills to play. It improves skills and sharpen them with the ability to face challenges.

·   Sports Games

A list of sports categories where kids learn about the types of sports. Rules and regulations, built team spirit and more.

·  Strategy Games

In this they create an strategy to play. Kids learn about how to make strategies, it’s importance and more. Everything goes fit in their minds so easily as, it passes through the fun roadway to their minds.

4. Learning games

·  Board Games

It includes board language, which means on board on screen learn, play, and enjoy.

· Engineering Games

Whoo! The most exciting one, is a game that can help to decide what you want to be. It’s not so complex but it is useful for sure.

·  Jigsaw Games

It is similar to a puzzle. Crack some jiggles and learn about it.

·  Memory Games

Memory is what they talk about, the stronger the memory smarter the kids. In this, they offer various games which test kids’ memory.

·  Maths Games

A subject which is the biggest hurdle of everyone’s life. Safe kid games have made it so easy that kids love mathematics.

·  Puzzle Games

In puzzle games, kids have to find the missing part of the puzzle. It teaches them about integration and makes their minds sharp.

· Typing Games

It helps the kids to learn typing. Typing is one of the skills that people demand. For kids, it is a fun game and that is the purpose.

·  Word Games

Find the missing alphabet and create a word that showcases some meaning. It is an idea to teach new words to kids.

Those were the list of categories and subcategories that talk about this platform. These categories define its importance, significance, and benefits.

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To conclude, this platform is one of the safest platforms to learn and play. This is protected by the Children Online Privacy Protection Act. They offer lists of categories for kids to play and learn. It is one of the most popular sites that fulfills all the criteria of education, enjoyment, and fun league. Safe, healthy, and popular to learn and play. Explore it now!  

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