Atomic Mass Games: The Future of Star Wars Games

Atomic Mass Games

Atomic mass games are a popular introduction to the Marvel and Star Galaxy Wars. They take you on the journey of your presence to the cosmos of Marvel. It is a digital platform where you can play high-quality games for a decent amount. To be a member of their created world, you need to take a subscription before. They have named themselves after the elements of the universe which define their creation. It showcases all the characters of the Marvel and Star Galaxy Wars, choose your favorite and enjoy.

About Atomic Mass Games

A virtual platform on which you can enjoy playing games and having fun. They are the developer of miniatures games and fun platforms. They even sell games on their platform. Interested? Then, buy one. If you explore their site, they haven’t addressed a lot about themselves. They have talked only about the Marvel and Star Galaxy Wars in their introduction. A digital place that takes you to the virtual cosmos of the world’s favorite zone of Avengers from Marvel and others.

If you order above $49, then they offer delivery to their customers. There are five to six sets of games in their selling category. To play directly on their portal explore the contact option. The Atomic Mass Games in the year 2019 and the Star Galaxy Wars cosmos in the year 2023. They are not limited in categories they have just started to participate in the battle.

This platform has just launched itself in the gaming market. It was introduced to the market in the year 2019. It is one of the newest skirmish miniatures titles.

Atomic Mass Games

Categories Offered By Atomic Mass Games

They offer two main Atomic Mass Games categories of cosmos:

1. Marvel Collectors

This was introduced by them in the year 2019. It means they have created a virtual cosmos world where you can convince characters to play. A digital media to enjoy and burst all your stress.

2. Star Galaxy Wars miniatures

Star Galaxy Wars, the another virtual world introduced by Atomic in the year 2023. This world was introduced a year back but, has become so popular that you’re reading about it, to know what it is.

Order Policy of Atomic Games

They follow a simple and strong order policy. They offer a range of games on their platform to purchase. You can place an order simply through their site by logging into it. To do the login you need to create an account that demands all your private data to make it successful. To place an order you need to open their site, and then you need to look for the shop sections from where you can place an order.  If your order is above $49 then they cut down the delivery charges.

The genre of Atomic Mass Games

Here are some atomic mass games genres:

Marvel: Crisis Protocol


1. Earth’s mightiest core set

2. Crisis Protocol core set

3. M.O.D.O.K

4. Black Panther and Kill Monger

5. Thor and Valkyrie

6. Star-Lord

7. Green Goblin

8. Doctor Strange and Wong

9. Thanks

10. Kingpin

11. Captain America and War Machine

12. Black Spider and Black cat, more.

Star Wars: Armanda


1. Armada core set SWM 01

2. Galactic republic free Starter SWM 34

3. Separatist Alliance fleet 35

4. Republic fighter squadrons 36

5. Separatist fighter squadrons 37

6. Upgrade card collection 38

7. Dial pack 39

8. Pelta class frigate 40

9. Ventor class Star destroyer 41

10. Invisible hands 42

11. Recusant class destroyer 43

Star Wars: Legion


1. Legion core set

2. Rebel Troopers

3. Strom Troopers

4. T -47 Airspeeder

5. Scout Troopers

6. Rebel Commandos

7. Chewebacca

8. TaunTaun Riders

9. Dewback Rider

10. Clone wars core set

11. Phase I clone Troopers

12. B1 Battle droids

13. Luke Skywalker

14. Darth Vader

15. Padme Amidala

16. Aat trade federation battle tank

Star Wars: Shatter Points


  • Shatter point core set
  • High Ground Terrain pac
  • Twice the pride squad pack
  • Plans and preparation squad pack
  • Appetite for destruction squad pack
  • Hello there squad pack
  • Witches of dathomir squad pack
  • This party’s over squad pack
  • Fistful of credits squad pack
  • That Good’s business squad pack
  • Lead by example
  • Jedi Hunters squad pack
  • We are brave squad pack
  • Take cover terrain pack
  • Shatterpoint dice pack
  • Shatterpoint measuring tools

Star Wars: X – Wing


  • X wing second edition core set
  • Servants of strife
  • Guardians of the republic
  • Millennium Falcon
  • Rz – 1a – wing
  • Major vonregs ties
  • Never tell me odds obstacles pack
  • Fully loaded device pack
  • Hotspot and Aces reinforcement pack
  • Tie/ RB Heavy
  • Heralds of Hope
  • XI- Class light shuttle
  • Laat / I Gunship
  • ETA 2- Actis
  • Jango Fett’s Starship
  • Phoenix Cell



1. Parth of the worthy

2. Ministravaganza


Transmission and more

All the above mentioned genre offered different products under each categories. These products defines the depth of this games.

Limitations of Atomic games

  • One of the biggest drawbacks is that it takes too long to display their products.
  • It requires electronic gadgets to play online.
  • They are part of the highly competitive market.
  • They have just entered into this world, and the categories are also limited.

Competitors of Atomic Mass Games

Top-ranked competitors:

  • Fantasy Flight Games
  • The Game shop
  • Playdack Inc
  • ACD
  • Towers of games


It is one of the most amazing platforms where you enjoy Marvel and Star Galaxy Wars gaming. It was introduced a few years back and has become popular in the world of gaming. An aroma to enjoy huge games, leads of character, and more. It is a safe platform to enjoy gaming, a platform that bursts stress and anxiety. Take your time to have some fun with Atomic mass games.They have just introduced two major categories and just started their journey. It is leading in one of the most competitive markets. To check on more about it, explore their official site on the browser.

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