Thug Life Meme: Jokes, Fun, Love, Creative

Thug Life Meme

Thug Life Meme: Introduction

The term “Thug life” is a very savage short quote that has been with us from a long time. This quote become so famous people literally started to write this as their facebook bio back then. 2014 was the year when these video memes started to spread rapidly. These memes originated from YouTube. There were videos where people would do something very savage and then the video would be paused. Next thing you know, they are wearing a gold chain, a cap that says thug life, and also have a cigarette in their mouth. These all were so that the person would look cool, savage and gangsta.


Almost everyone knew about the Thug life meme when it first came out. And they still do to this date. It’s just simply unforgettable. It became such a viral sensation. It shared so much positive, happy & fun vibes. People were printing the phrase on their tshirts, caps, phone covers etc. People were writing this one their social media, people were editing photos of their own friends and sharing them. Some even got a tattoo of the THUG LIFE. It really made our lives Thug at that time. A YouTuber named lololyn first posted this meme. After that a redditor reposted the video which got more than 2K points. A subreddit opened called r/ThugLife which got  15K members as soon as it opened. The Thug Life meme reached its peak in the February of 2015.

Thug Life Meme


  • Gets a library pass and a gym pass for a month. Goes to neither of them : THUG LIFE
  • Local news – “Wife stabs husband with a squirrel : THUG LIFE
  • When your friend is dating your crush so you date his sister instead : THUG LIFE
  •  Them : Are you single

Me : yes, by choice.

         Choice of the girls

  • Birds when they shit white on black cars and shit black on white cars : THUG LIFE
  • When the game says press any key to continue but I press the power key : THUG LIFE
  • When you remove the pendrive from your computer without “safely eject” : THUG LIFE
  • As a child when someone insulted you and you replied – “you also” : THUG LIFE
  • When the teacher catches you with phone in class and asks to get out if you’re not interested but YOU ACTUALLY GET OUT : THUG LIFE
  • 9 year old me eating 3 vitamin pills instead of the recommended 2 : THUG LIFE

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