Tips about Getting a 3 Patti Tarot Spread

The 3 Patti tarot spread is one of the most frequently done readings when time is of the essence. The 3 Patti tarot spread is not the most in-depth way to do a reading, and the person having the reading done will not get answers that have as much detail as when they have readings performed where the psychic has the time to perform a more in-depth card spread.

The 3 Patti tarot spread is a representation of the past the present and the future but in these simple spreads, the time that the cards are showing you will likely be no longer than three months prior to the date, or three months in the future. You will not gain insight into what has occurred many years in the past or will occur sometime in the distant future.

The 3 Patti tarot spread can be used as a basic way to begin a card reading and then it can be expanded on. If the individual is uncertain of the type of reading they wish the psychic to perform then the psychic may start with the 3 Patti tarot spread. Once they have viewed the first cards then they may ask another question of them and expose three additional cards to provide clarity for them.

The first 3 patties turned up will provide the basic timeframe for the medium to gain knowledge from. After they have exposed the past, the present, and the future, of the basic formation, then they have the choice of exposing:

Thought and intent and emotion using a focused triad and intent spread. This spread is indicating things that may happen and what their purpose in your life may be, and they can be used so that you can examine things that have happened in your past and figure out what their purpose was.

A daily encounter spread that will be a definition of what you can expect from the day ahead. This 3 pattis will be concentrated on you, the outcome, and what should be expected to happen on this day. These are something like a horoscope that will tell you things you might expect to happen in the next twenty four hours so that you can avoid some things that you do not wish to happen.

They can envision your main weakness, your main strength, and the guidance you need by using the next 3 pattis to do an inner balancing spread. The purpose of knowing your strength and your weakness is not to enhance the strength or demolish the weakness but instead it is so that you can create.

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