Tips On How To Level Up Your Home’s Décor In 2023

As the New Year period is over and we’re now making our way into 2023, why not take a moment to look at some ways in which you can level up your home’s décor? With a refreshing new style to partner with a positive outlook, it can set a good precedent for the rest of the year. Let’s make it a good one! 

Rejuvenate your colour scheme 

Colour is the simplest way to breathe new life into your home and when used with purpose it can improve the overall mood of a space. When choosing your new scheme, break it down into three key elements: 

  • A neutral base
  • A feature colour
  • An accent colour

Create a gallery wall 

Are your walls looking a little bare and uninspired? Creating a feature gallery wall is an effective way to make a room appear to be finished and well-thought out even if you are still in the process of redesigning it. 

  • Start from the centre of the wall and work outward

Explore local charity shops and markets 

Bangkok is home to the largest outdoor market in South-East Asia, Chatuchak Market, which means you shouldn’t have any trouble at all finding exciting pieces that are looking for a good home. Find some distinctive and beautiful items that can elevate the overall aesthetic charm of your space while lending to the colour scheme. 

Add a splash of life 

If you don’t have any plants in your home at the moment, it’s time to bring the outdoors inside! House plants are woefully underrated despite the many physical and mental health benefits that they provide. 

Not only are they aesthetically gorgeous, but they can help purify the air that you breathe, add colour, and ultimately improve your mood. 

Experiment with textures 

Using various textures is a great way to create character in your home – particularly if it’s feeling a little sterile. Implement contrasting materials to make your home space feel lively and dynamic. For example:

  • Chunky blankets and faux fur rugs
  • Gold accents and brass fixtures
  • Wicker wash baskets and natural wood coffee tables 

Create the illusion of space with mirrors 

Particularly if your condo isn’t very spacious, adding some well-placed mirrors can make the room feel much larger with the illusion of space. The best part? Mirrors come in so many different styles and designs making them very easy to implement into any home décor while increasing energy flow. 

Use your shelves with purpose 

Again, smaller condos that are wanting for space can make you feel claustrophobic. As such, you should take to the walls and utilise this space with some well-placed shelving. Just make sure that you don’t over stack them. Allow your shelves to breathe by using them as statement pieces with a few choice books, some small potted plants, and other darling items that you find when perusing Bangkok’s many night markets and craft stalls. 


These are just a handful of the things that you can try when wanting to upgrade the décor of your home without having to spend too much money. Just remember these key principles:

  • Less is more
  • Lighting is essential
  • Create layers 

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