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Nicki Minaj Memes

Nicki Minaj Memes: Introduction

Onika Tanya Maraj , who is popularly known as Nicki Minaj, her age is 39 years  presently, her brought up is done in  Queens, New York , she went to LaGuardia High School and studied singing and acting. She is the one of the renowned American rapper and singer. It’s nothing new to see rapping queen being Meme face , since 2010 , when in interview she discussed about her sexual image, people were not happy with her answer and they trolled her on social platform, by posting content online, for example , there was post around 2011 , in which its title was “ Why Nicki Minaj is the Most Annoying Person in Music Right Now”, this was posted on the Phoenix New Times blog, there was another post Facebook  page named “I hate Nicki Minaj” which has total 4500 likes .

Nicki Minaj Memes: Class

There are several memes of Minaj which are very popular such as  “Dan Nicky your Bobbie’s” where its evident that it was supposed to be “Damn Nicky your Bobbie’s” but it was wrongly typed , but it got highlighted and went viral , just like this there’s another meme which went viral related to Nicky , “Miley, What’s Good?”, back in 2015 , Nicky attended the MTV Video Music Awards, where she confronted the host of Award , none other Miley Cyrus , while giving speech , she said ‘And now… back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press, Miley .what’s good?” , just after the moment when this clips of award broadcasted , people noted the remark of Nicky about Miley, when Miley posted her pic hosting MTV Music Awards on her Instagram handle , people flooded her comment box with the remark of Nicky , “ Miley, what’s good ?, it was all over the internet .


  • When you’re talking and you hear some random hoe in the crowd hating
  • The moment you realize you are doing too much and decide to fall back
  • Trying not laugh at someone but then you crack up laughing
  • Dam I just pooped in my panties , oh well hopefully no one will smell me
  • It is my general opinion , that you do not posses qualities that make you a particularlly intelligent person and you’re a prostitue.
  • And then the shoe just came at me and lowered my quotient of intelligence
  • When you’re waiting for them to finish ,so you can hit them with straight facts!
  • That one girl who likes every single one of bae’s posts ,
Nicki Minaj Memes


  • When he thought he played you but you had niggas the whole time cause you knew he wasn’t shit from da go
  • Me being on my phone to avoid talking to people I don’t like

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